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Found 4 results

  1. Utter wankers usually from america and this country, it's a fucking huge ocean so shove your "pond" bollocks up your arse and fuck off with your, patronising american WWII terminology.
  2. I'm sick of seeing septic cunts on the internet wanking themselves off to what is essentially an irrelevant, irradiated ocean that third world slope and south american shitholes are part of like we're supposed to be jealous or something? and threatening to leave europe(oh no!) Oh yeah if any pieces of shit from north america are reading this Britain has the Pitcairn islands in the pacific and various other territories near it. Fuck off you parasitic bottom feeding scum.
  3. Mostly by faggots from north america, who's fucktarded spawn jerk themselves to death over shitty anime (not even good 80s/90s manga) and use pretend faux-jap, names on various forums on the interwebs with an avatar of some obscure jap cartoon that most people have never heard of or give a fuck about, despite the fact they're some white fat sweaty pig nosed inbred cunt from some backwater shithole in the U.S. They think eating some chocolate stick called "pocky" and squinting your eyes in a photo makes you a slope. These fucking losers have a creepy obsession with the jap cunts. Any video to do with the japs or koreans uploaded to youtube, will be on the home page and will have a million views within a couple of hours. "OMAHGAWD JAPAN IS LIK SOOO AWSUM GUYZ!!" Otherwise known as weeaboos They need to die
  4. Snowy


    "Young snowy" thought he would take a day off from picking up shit for a living and took his teenage daughter to see the new Avengers film, little did he know that going out on the opening night would bring every dribbling spazzy cunt out in the droves. Now all was not lost In this venture, the grown adults crying like someone had just killed one of their children was absolute gold and I even said to mini me look at these cunts as she sniggered away, I've taught her to be a right cunt and she done me proud ,it was after the film ended where all was lost with humanity where these cunts all stood up and clapped. Now I'm accustomed to yank cunts doing this,but since when did we become that entrenched in there shitty culture that we have to clap like seals at a movie like your at an opera or a play. Fuck the lot of them uncivilized swines .
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