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  1. One who acts ridiculous for the sake of being ridiculous. A dappy cunt is the most severe type of cunt and is most likely a liberal democrat supporter. They follow anything, as long as it means they don't have to form their own opinion or be useful at all. Basically a twat. But worse. A dappy cunt.
  2. Ah yes, the night British Summer Time begins - when we all lose two hours of precious sleep; One from the clocks going forward, and the other from trying to work out whether the fuckers have changed automatically or not.
  3. They say, "we will match the price of any item from any other shop"..... I'll tell you what you bastards, if I find it cheaper elsewhere, then I wont be fucking buying it from you. Fucking over-priced rip-off Cunts.
  4. This gray haired old fart is on every fucking program on itv,sick of looking at his smug face and seeing his fat ugly wife.
  5. Apologies if this has been done before but it's not coming up in "cunt search". Once upon a time the BBC set up a network of TV broadcasting transmitters across the UK. When new production companies such as ITV and Channels 4 and 5 came along they used the BBC's equipment to transmit there programmes. In summary a license to view TV could be justified. What about now though? Sky does not use any of the BBC's equipment. Much media is available over the internet now too. Netflix, love film , neither of these use the Beebs equipment. All these other companies are self funding. Why then are we
  6. This fat cunt represents the faceless unelected bureaucrats bought in by governments to this day to do their dirty work for them. The Tories bought this lardarse in to wreck the railways in the early sixties, and he carried on under Labour patronage with vested road haulage union interests being bought in to play. Many lines he destroyed are being rebuilt at great cost to the taxpayer. An amazingly short sighted policy by both Labour and Conservative government, the pie eater was awarded various 'titles' for his hard work. What a CUNT.
  7. This is one of these CUNTS that i cant stand on my TV. She is a Pretentious Condesending Patronising Slag-Bag. And a Minger. i cant stand that Laugh. How the fuck did she even last this long on our TV screens ia tottaly Beyond belief!!bleh if i have to see her again on Telly i will just have to sleep all morning just to avoid the Slapper and get a nightshift Job instaed! LK? No F.U ya Ugly CUNT !bash
  8. Well, the Title should just about cover it but for anyone still scratching about I'll explain. I'm in the shop with a 27 stone smelly, sweaty lesbian who's trying out various dildos in front of me whilst supping one complimentary coffee after another (all part of the excellent shopping experience at Rothers Porn Emporia). Finally after a hour an half she gives up and fucks off without spending a fucking penny! Cunts tighter than me. So I shut the shop up and fuck off over the road to "Bargain Booze" to buy an arm full of shit that will make me happier in the short term but even more fucking mi
  9. Name: Ellen Page Age: 26 Profession: Actress Career Highlights: Juno, Inception Body Type: Athletic Hobbies: DIY, Welding, Bricklaying Favourite Animal: Beaver Favourite Shoes: Anything that
  10. He regularly lifts his shirt before going into his closet and then comes out of the back door before staring in some crap movie
  11. Boring cunt. Looks like a poof.
  12. Lets face it, women are shit at sport. Its dull as fuck to watch unless they are scantily clad. Watching them play football makes me want to smoke crack. And female presenters really aren't interested. It just an attempt to make it all look pc and equal. Bring back Foxy Boxing and Jelly wrestling and I might change my mind. Lezzers
  13. I hate this dozy looking bastard, he fills me with great anger and confusion whenever I see his straggly mug. He should be locked up for his shit performances, even the Johnny cash film and he's obviously a fan of the brownlove. Fucking hanging's too good for him.
  14. This man is a cunt, he cant sing and looks like a twat. CUNT CUNT CUNT.
  15. The star of BBC 3 , the "yoof" channel. Stacey was apparently "discovered" in some 2-bob reality show and has been chosen to promote the liberal values of the BBC bureaucracy. She travels the same ground as Louis Theroux but whereas Louis pretends to be thick and naive Stacey is the real thing! Probably the luckiest dumb cunt since Jamie Oliver. The BBC knows how to pick 'em.
  16. CCArchive

    The Parky

    Trevor the Parky from when I was a lad has died has died. I have prepared an eulogy.
  17. CCArchive


    I hate suffering from Anxiety. Trying to get on with everyday life and then something goes wrong which results in an attack making you feel depressed, tired and just wanting to sleep.
  18. What a total fucking Cocksucking, Brown nosing, Turd Smuggling, Dangle Berry Licking, Ball Cupping Spunk Guzzler! Hairy Nutsack Gobbling, Shit Shifter!mad
  19. Despite a shitload of plastic surgery and extreme dentistry paid for by the beardy-weirdy sugar daddy husband she first met when she was 12 and he was 38, Celine is still a Titanic horse-faced cunt.
  20. Italy's highest appeal court has ordered a fresh trial in the case of the murder of British student Meredith Kercher, overturning the acquittals of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito and paving the way for a potential extradition tussle between Italy and the US. First they were found guilty and then acquitted and now this, come on. She "knox" had been in talks to write a book and would have made $4 million out of it she said it was going to be nothing but "the truth".
  21. This dead cunt was president of the NRA and the most wooden actor ever to make a movie. Ben Hur - Ben Cunt more like.
  22. I want to do a poo at Pauls house, Glade Touch and Fresh my cunt, where do I begin, what a cunt, his mum is a cunt, Paul is a cunt, who ever had the idea in the first place is a cunt, all the people at Glade are cunts for buying the advert in the first place. The only time I would do a shit at Pauls would be if his nan was in the bathroom.
  23. Honestly, what an annoying cunt. Watch Homeland. Her character Carrie Mathieson seriously needs shot. Its just a shame that that show is quite good but its ruined by this stupid, annoying, deaf, unruly twat. She has no talent apart from from the exasperated exhale of breath when told she is a tit, total CUNT.
  24. CCArchive

    Tim Shaw

    the bloke loves himself that much he should disappear up his own arse. furthers his career at others expense and humility,not only a cunt but an arsehole as well!chin
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