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MP's who are even more smug and rude than they usually are.


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This is Andrew Mitchell who is facing increasing pressure to quit as chief whip because of a foul mouthed tirade directed against an officer on duty outside Downing Street. A Tory Mp, being a cunt, quelle surprise I hear you say. This uppity cunt was accused of shouting "learn your fucking place" after being stopped from cycling out of Downing Street's main gates. He went on to describe the officers as "plebs". Knacker of the yard missed a trick here, they should have arrested ther cunt and have him fall down the steps to the cells a couple of times to teach him a lesson. That's what I would regard as a real return to victorian values. So, this slippery cunt, a former shadow police minister has apologised for not treating the police with proper respect but he has denied using "some" of the language reported. Well, he fucking would wouldn't he.A Labour spokesman said Mr Mitchell was either accusing the member of Scotland Yard's Diplomatic Protection Group, SO6, of lying or he must have used the foul language, potentially an arrestable offence. The chair of of the Metropolitan Police Federation has said: "I have it on good authority that the report in The Sun newspaper accurately reflects what happened." What an uppity Tory oik arsewipe, Resign you cunt. The days of lashing the prols with your riding crop are long gone.

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