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Now i have been in a couple of these "malls" in the US but it may surprise you saddoes that i visited one for the first time in this cuntry just last week. It's a huge fucking place called "Westfield" in West London. An appropriate name because it reminded me of that film "Westworld" , where there is a disembodied voice telling you what to do and where to go and every fantasy is catered for. In this case fantasies of material acquisition not shooting Yul Brinner in the head. What a fucking pristine , germ free , soulless depressing place it is ; full of dumb cunts spending money they haven't got on things they don't need.There was a queue outside the Apple shop and when it opened they all rushed in and the staff , all dressed in identical blue shirts and bow ties , like a bunch of robots ( Westworld again) APPLAUDED the fucking cunts. Fuck them and fuck any cunt whose attention span has not allowed them to read this far. Cuntworld!

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