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Microsoft Updates


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Every day I turn my computer on and my life is interrupted by these total cunts. How many fucking updates can there be? They never fix any actual problems, like fucking Vista always losing it's WiFi connection (though that's a whole other cunt for another day). I change the settings so I at least get a warning before these cunts get to work, so at least I have some control over MY OWN COMPUTER. Fucking Microsoft cunts. And the cunty cherry on the cunty Microsoft updates cunty cake? Some updates don't even fucking work. CUNTS. "Update failed". "You are already running a different falvour of windows...". Flavour?!?!?! I don't remember choosing any fucking flavours you fucking cunts. I just remember turning my fucking computer on and trying to do some work. So now I have updates pending forever because they will never work. Cunts. Cunts. CUNTS.

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