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These prehistoric cunts really are a waste of space, you have a couple of beers then end up in the local pet shop checking out the fish, and low an behold these cunts are all charlie big potatoes, swimming up and down saying look at me I'm fantastic, sucking the glass and doing back flips. All of a sudden your convinced these slippery cunts will change your life for the better. So its of home with this underwater showman, into the tank he goes and fucking hey presto...Vanishes, gone are the acrobatics, no more me me me, the cunts scarpered. The only way I know the cunts still alive are the lovely snake like shits the fucker leaves around the tank with wanton abandonment. Not only will the dirty fucker hide from you, you also get the added pleasure of having to constantly change the water to stop the aquatic pikey poisoning all the other fish. Aquatic cunts.

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