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Maybe I'm getting old, but watching the BBC these days is like being stuck in the childrens' section of the library. The morning news seems to of degenerated into a blatant promo for the latest regurgitated musician / author / luvvie. The Presenters are more interested in pouting to the cameras or doing some ill-conceived outdoor broadcast that doesn't add any value to the report. I complained when they paid off Entwhistle and took some time to research their Trustees. I think energy is better spent on campaigns to abolish the TV Licence. Also i don't think the BBC will be inviting Max Kaiser back anytime soon either as it clearly hates truth speakers I him and others. Yes, the BBC is 'supposed' to do all kinds of things in the public interest, seeing as it's us who fund it and should be entitled to have our say if necessary. Problem is that the BBC isn't accountable to us is it ? If it were then it would have to explain why :- 1. It has just flushed

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