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Radio 1 controller Ben cooper


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The head of radio 1 told news reporters that radio 1 would play a short clip of "ding dong " whilst overtalking an explanation of why it has reached number 3 in the charts on it's chart show. He also added that " radio 1 has a duty to inform and educate it's listeners" ....excuse me ? this pompous overpaid cunt has obviously overated his station (see what I did there) and it's listening requirement. If radio 1 vanished tomorrow, in a weeks time no one would give a fuck. A woman who did fantastic things for this country despite the rhetoric of the dumb lefties has died, she was also a mother and a grandmother and the way a certain minority are acting over this makes me realise that there is a rotten core that has festered throughtout society. There is no hope for these cunts !

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