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A special one for my friend Catwoman and her suppository, Ratboy. From time to time I take long breaks from the site. Whenever I come back there is a very familiar and very distinct pattern. Catwoman says nothing at all. Not a word. I can put nominations up and all is quiet. All it takes to trigger her off is a nomination that can be construed as me being a chauvinist (Cats consistent sexism towards men seems to be completely lost to her) If a nomination doesn't set her going, changing my avatar to a Gif image with bouncing tits will usually do the trick and then she's off and running. You can feel the hatred come through the screen and the war begins. Out come all the comments and all the references. Anything she thinks will work, get hurled onto the site. Sadly for her It doesn't work and, it never has done. So then stage 2 begins. Ratboy starts joining in. Unfortunately he's just as quick to comment and just as slow to think, so he's pretty ineffectual too. Stage 3. Now we have newcomers to the site (or so they like you to think) join forces with the Cat & Rat , or team rodent as I like to think of them. This stage is interesting because they both seem to think that I can't see multiple ID patterns. Sadly for them, I can and so can everyone else. It's a funny old sight watching two people get themselves so knotted up in anger just because a bloke from Yorkshire comes and posts a few comments and nominates cunts.

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