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Having to reflect on a lot of things at the moment, my religiops sister is ill with a brain tumour and awaiting possible surgery. Many thing s have come out and my sister was a victim of my mother's desire to have a stay at home skivvy to do all the house work. My sister however "found god" and escaped. My mother then turned her attention to me and worked on me to create a dupe who would fund her during the last 10 years or so of her life (she planned to live longer but had a (deliberate) fall when she was 75 which happened just after I managed to escape from her clutches, this of course resulted in me returning home to help look after her until she expired in 1981. Somehow I have got it into my head that she is somehow "inside" me and needs to be removed, I don't really believe in this religeous bunk but I am wondering whether to see a spiritualist to see if they can remove my mother from me :(

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