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Billy likes Bobbys comment. Bobby reciprocates and "Likes" Billy's comment. Sue is friends with Bill and Bob and updates her status with a witty observation that she knows they will like. Billy "Likes" Sue's observation and gives a jolly big fat fucking thumbs up. Bobby ignores Sue's status because he is watching a cumfarting video with someone who looks suspiciously like Tom Daley (Fuck him). Two more of Sue's friends also seem aloof over Sue's status and Sue is now getting worried. Sue makes a snide remark about Bobby and Bobby "Unfriends Sue". Sue "Unfriends her two other friends becasue she JUST FUCKING KNOWS THAT DIRTY BASTARD BOBBY HAS FUCKED THEM BOTH. Two months later and Sue is found dead in the back of her carbon monoxide filled Ford Ka all because she spends too much time on Facebook and can't relate to a lack of "likes" indicated by a poorly drawn blue "Thumbs up" Over exposure to Facebook makes people depressed according to the latest study. So fucking what! Get out, socialise, keep your pubs open, GET A FUCKING LIFE.

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