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Laurie Penny


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I'm not normally one for just cutting & pasting, but I don't think I can improve on Laurie's Wikipedia page for cuntishness; I'm pretty sure she's had a hand in editing it herself. "Laurie Penny is a British columnist, blogger and author who writes for the New Statesman. She has a feminist and left wing perspective: 'Socialism without feminism, after all, is no socialism worth having.' Penny was born in London and grew up in Brighton. She is of Irish, Jewish, and Maltese descent. She attended the independent school Brighton College. She has written about her hospitalisation at age 17 for anorexia and subsequent recovery. Whilst a student she joined and performed in a burlesque troupe. In October 2012, The Daily Telegraph ranked Penny as the 55th most influential left winger in Britain." Well fuck me, eh, 55th? Talk about damning with faint praise! I looked for a picture of her burlesque days as I wondered what strange form hyper-feminist burlesque might take, but for some reason there were no matches. So you're stuck with a close up of her face, I'm afraid, and anything else must be left to your sordid imaginations.

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