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Posh Cunts Out of Their Depth


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I was in Wetherspoons in Victoria Station on Saturday trying to get a fucking drink. This wanker with a cut glass accent was buying 2 bottles of wine. I'm in now I thought but this cunt insisted they should each each be served in an ice bucket. You cunt I thought. After all that palaver the wanker naturally had to pay by credit card and waste more of my time. You fucking prick I thought. Just as I thought I was in at last the fucking pasty faced ponce insisted the barmaid change all the glasses because they weren't chilled enough!!! Well I'll go to the foot of our stairs! Where did this cunt think he was The Cafe Fucking Royal? If there hadn't been so many witnesses I would have punched his fucking posh face in and shoved his icebuckets up his arse. Fucking bastard posh cunt.

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