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Gian Lorenzo Bernini


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Right........... it's time to clear up the issue of whether Bernini was a cunt or not. HE WAS A CUNT! Here's why! Rev would no doubt tell you that Bernini, for all his talents, was crap at thumbs. I don't think that's the case. Anyone who can etch the emotions onto the faces of sculptures to such an exquisite detail would not struggle with a thumb. Bernini was not interested in thumbs, nor toes. The David Mellor of his day he was not, though it must be said that he was just as big a pervert and if his depictions are anything to go on, a repressed homosexual to boot. Don't let the multitude of children born by him mislead you. All of Bernini's work carried an undercurrent of psychological and frequently sexual tension, and Berninis obsession with carving sexually charged emotion on the faces of works tells you all you need to know about what was on Bernini's mind while he worked. I've cunted "The Rape Of Proserpina" before, but in a comical way. However, look a little closer at it and you will see that the energy of the work is power of Pluto as he takes Persephone against her will, and I can't help but think that Bernini is seeing himself as Persephone and succumbing to his own hidden desires. I also cant help thinking that he worked naked as he finished Pluto's hair, his cock gently rubbing into Pluto's smooth, hard marble buttocks as tears of shame and guilt coursed down his face. Oh, and for the record, he's been cunted on here now so it's official. Bernini was a cunt.

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