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Fanny Cradock


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Good entertainment in her early days, even better entertainment in her later yrs. In her earlier videos, a reasonably good cook. She then went on to evolve into a nauseating and scary prized cunt, whose off-sprung dishes are fully comparable. Rejoice, she is now gone from stalking the earth. In her pre-death days, she attempted to drag many-a-cunt underground with her, serving them food that had been lying around for weeks/months/years before serving. Green eggs and ham originated long before drseuss, expired green eggs were what she put into many of her overly decorated, eyesore dishes. And as for her eyes, they were barely visable past the paste-y eye makeup which she probably applied with a palette knife, prior to use. Turned on her programme on food network the other day, truly thought it was a past episode of DrWho, the one with the krilitanes. Should she have to reroute her career path, she could easily pass as a gargoyle, spending her days scaring away ravens, instead of her poor assistants, sarah and her husband. Her captive husband died midway into Cradocks career, probably due to 1]food poisoning 2]pstd of living with such a downright fanny. She recruited a kitchen-slave, Sarah. This poor girls hands shook as she took things off of old fanny, she was genuinly terrified of the battered hag. Fanny would set the poor drudge minute tasks, quicker carried out by herself, should she not have wasted time thinking up useless quests and vocalising them. Dirty, slit-eyed, double-dipping cunt.

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