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My Sister


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Ive probaly got something wrong with me, carrying on this dislike of my sister way into adulthood. But god what a cunt. Arrogant, selfish bitch who is rude and inconsiderate to other people while holding her own achievements up as the greatest thing mankind has witnessed since the moon landings. Cow. And her boyfriend. What a cunt. His punchably dumb face probably adorns the banknotes in thickland. Starved of intelligence he seems to have decided to make up for it by being insanely happy all the fucking time. Twat. "How are you"? "how was your day"? "good week was it"? "been up to much"? all this with a great big twatty grin welded to his twatty face. Just say hello and nothing else you chirpy cunt. Ive been ordered to hold my tongue during this little family reunion hence my putting it on here. Soon as their gone im having a party

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