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Lutfur Rahman


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Hope the Secret Service have their eye on this filth. This is Lutfur Rahman who was expelled from the Labour Party (Yes another traitor to the country with his roots in Labour) because he was channelling 50 grand a month in public fucking money to front organisations run by a group of people who call themselves the Islamic Forum Of Europe which is an extremist organisation. After Rahmans expulsion from the Labour Party the IFE issued a statement denying Rahman was a member of their disgustinglittle organisation, although curiously they did say that his replacement WAS a member, in some pathetic attempt to get people to vote for Rahman, who of course IS a member of the IFE no matter what these cunts say. It all turned out to be unesessary as Rahman was elected to be the councillor of Tower Hamlets thanks to a conspiracy of threats and bullying between Rahman, the IFE and some "powerful businessman" who has yet to be identified. Nothing short of an absolute cunting disgrace, every cunt involved in this sorry state of affairs should be found and jailed for life. CUNTS

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