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The Paleo 'Diet'


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If you're not familiar with it, essentially it's a lifestyle choice of consuming certain foods based on how we're allegedly designed to eat from an evolutionary standpoint. In short they cut out processed foods and grains and load up on meat, fish, eggs, and sometimes eat veggies, fruits and nuts. If your going to eat like a cavemen, then why don't you live like them as well. Strap on a loin cloth, hang out in caves, forage for your own food, hunt your own animals, give up modern day luxury and moving back to a primitive lifestyle and die in your 30's. You would do me a favor too with this, then i can get back to eating my carbs without having to listen or read your utter crap online whether it be video's, blogs or pop up ads. Also it tries to cloak itself in science by claiming that we know what a Paleo-Diet should look like because science can tell us how stone-age people lived. Pseudo-science at its best.

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