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Glastonbury Twats


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Never been - never wanted to, but I watched a great Documentary confirming all my suspicions about these dreadful people who "simply must" attend. Self centred, egomaniac, wastrels - so ill equiped to deal with lifes realities they live in medieval squalor taking every chemical known to man to escape the pain of their sad existence. Armies of painted people dressed in costumes ranging from juggling buffoons to message wearing tramps all being "individual" - what irony. Impressively, the gentleman who runs the show retains a sense of perspective even though year after year these middle class losers fuck him over with their self indulgent behaviour and criminal activity. It is a missed opportunity though, the huge fence topped with flame throwers would rid this country of much detritus freeing up needed housing in the home counties where most of these horrendous oafs originate. They think they are being free, non conformist listeniing to shite music on a camp site - how deluded the squalid little liars are. Watching the "me me me" antics you know these are people destined for individual loneliness, a relationship with anyone but themselves is simply impossible - self absorbed nasty little oiks searching for happiness in a shitty field in Somerset, an epitaph if ever I heard one.

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