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The Crazy Mcnugget Lady


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Being the lazy cunt that I am, I don't usually make a habit of uploading two posts within the same day. However, after just watching the utter hilarity on youtube entitled 'Woman going INSANE over McNugget Rampage Security Cam' I feel compelled to make this nomination. So, without further ado I give you: 'The Crazy Mcnugget Lady.' For those of you who haven't seen the video, WATCH IT, as words alone fail to convey the insanity that this lady emanates. She's like a one woman nuthouse. Hell, at one point she says "Don't make me assume my ultimate form, I will fucking wreck you..." God bless America for single providing us with enough cranks to last this site for years. Incidentally, does anyone know this loony bints address? I think I'm in love.

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