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Fat cunts who fart in public


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I was forced to catch the bus the other day as my fucking scooter battery was flat. the only spare seat was next to a sweaty fat bitch so I took a deep breath and squeezed in beside her. All was going normally until halfway to my destination I felt a rumble through her thigh (as it had me pinned against the arm rest) and the smell of rancid chickpea curry assaulted my nostrils. This happened again moments later, weather it was a new fart, or the same fart that had gotten stuck in her vagina and had just dislodged itself, I'm not sure of but I had had enough. I turned to her and said "for fucks sake luv, fair go that fucking stinks" Well this fat cunt just looked me, smiled, and dropped another epic fart that would of destroyed the colon of a lighter person. I proceeded to roll my newspaper up and club her about the face until I was restrained and kicked off at the next stop. My day was totally fucked because of some inconsiderate fat cunt with no arse muscle control.

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