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Clueless Ebay sellers.


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As a collector of rockabilly/blues 45's, and ebay being a very good source for this, i often come across clueless cuntbreeds, recently i viewed some original sun records to add to my fairly large collection, i asked this prick for the deadwax information on one of them, when he told me the info, i told him it was most probably a bootleg re-issue, as i am quite knowledgeable on this subject, but the cuntbreed has relisted these bootlegs and still starting the bidding at 75-100 dollars, nice to see the bollockbrain cunt listen, all of them have damage to the fucking labels and one has a crack in it, he has no chance of selling them at those prices, the thick as shit cunthead, i trust none of you wankers give a fuck but my point is, know what your talking about or be ripped off, you fucking chumps.

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