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I fucking hate these cunts. First let me clarify, a NED is NOT a chav. If you take one inbred family of chavs and trap them underground in a uranium mine for 100 years you still wouldnt get something as bad as a NED. These cunts in their stupid tracksuits and burberry caps (always worn at jaunty angles of course) and sovereign rings are proof that God has truly forsaken us. They never work, but can still afford renault clios with ridiculous modded bumbers, spoilers and exhausts, and stereo systems that could drown out concorde taking off from which they play fucking techno 24 hours a day, while drinking buckfast and injecting heroin into their eyeballs, all at taxpayers expense. If they are not sitting in their free housing asscociation or council accommodation, they are driving around at 120mph playing techno at 3 in the morning, or shoplifting, or hanging around the streets ready to stab any random passer by. Most of scotlands towns and cities have become no-go areas thanks to these fucking mutants. The police have their hands tied by ridiculous laws, while these cunts get away with murder (quite often literally) by claiming they have adhd or invoking some stupid eu human rights law. What about the rights of those who have to put up with these scumbags on a daily basis? They breed indiscriminately and in vast numbers, hell, since most of them have no idea who their father is (jeremy kyle cant so that many dna tests) they are probably shagging their half sisters and spawning the next generation of freaks, even more fucked up than the present one. They destroy communities, lives and screw up the whole country, being responsible for virtually all the crime from vandalism, anti-social behaviour, theft, benefit fraud, drugs, assaults and so on and costing the country billions in benefits, policing, court time and the nhs. Pensioners have to wait months or even years for operations but these fuckers overwhelm accident and emergency rooms with drink and drug overdoses and violent attacks. Fuck them, and let the doctors treat the people who actually pay their taxes for the health service. The country needs to wake up and round up and exterminate these vermin before they completely overrun us. They are the cuntiest of cunts! Fucking mutant pricks!

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