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I have an issue with the term celebrity anyway. These days people appear to be able to make a pretty decent living just by featuring on any game/reality show. Now though, the TV bods see fit to ruin any gameshow format by inserting the word 'celebrity' in front of the usual title. Family Fortunes, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Coach Trip. The list is as endless as the list of shows ruined. Just seen that a show I actually like 'Pointless' on BBC1 is doing the same thing. These fucking wankers really push the definition of 'celebrity' at the best of times, but the fact that most of them are just there to furnish their egos, are thick as shit and don't seem to really care that the money they raise is supposed to go to charity pisses me off the most. The Hamiltons seem to be the first couple called up for each and every one and they are a couple of Class-A cunts and no mistake. What's wrong with Bev and Dave from Worksop, striving to win a Mini Metro to sell and pay off their bingo debts on Bullseye or the 'Brown Family' (amusingly all black) on 90's Family Fortunes?

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