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Lopsided Arse Syndrome


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Ok I know there's more technical terms for it, but I find this one is to the point and apt. I shut the shop at half five and piss off down to Asda for a gallon of cheap french lager. Being a bloke I can shop as fast as fuck. In>straight to lager section>grab>pay>out. Back into trusty old car and home to whatever Mrs Rothers has burned for tea. Not today. Today I get stuck behind some poor bint who's back looks like a fucking S bend. She's pushing a trolley at precisely 0.4 miles an hour and doing it in a zig zag. I'm trying to get past her without causing any bother but every time I Zig she fucking zags. By the time I got out of the fucking shop I had to go back in for another gallon.

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