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Boolean Algebra


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T1 : Commutative Law (a) A + B = B + A (B) A B = B A T2 : Associate Law (a) (A + B) + C = A + (B + C) (B) (A B) C = A (B C) T3 : Distributive Law (a) A (B + C) = A B + A C (B) A + (B C) = (A + B) (A + C) T4 : Identity Law (a) A + A = A (B) A A = A T5 : (a) (B) T6 : Redundance Law (a) A + A B = A (B) A (A + B) = A T7 : (a) 0 + A = A (B) 0 A = 0 T8 : (a) 1 + A = 1 (B) 1 A = A T9 : (a) (B) T10 : Really? can you ever imagine a time in your life where you have left the house, got in the car and are about to set off when you realise that you've forgotten to fetch a pencil. You have to go back and get one just in case you are completely overcome with the urge to sit down and start manipulating Boolean expressions? No? nor me.

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