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Shithead Resturant Bullies


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I was in this restaurant last week and i witnessed some mouthy cunt loudly berating some poor hapless waiter because his steak was not medium rare or some such shit.I have seen this several times before and the bloke is always the same. Always in a group of 4-6,fat sweaty cunt wearing a cheap suit,cheap tie and a shirt that doesn't do up at the collar.Needless to say alcohol had been taken.Why do they do this?Because they can. The waiter cannot answer back. The bloke is a pathetic no-dick bully who wants to show everyone how hard he is.Cunts like that make me sick.And before some northern ponce mentions PC World i would like to say:(a) i was not shouting and drawing attention to myself(b)those cunts were trying to rip me off©suck my cock

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