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Gold Watch wearing Cunts!


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We all need a watch don't we. And the selection is huge, everybody's different. But some people like to let everybody else know how different they are namely through their watch and in this case sporting a big fat gold one in your face. You've seen the type of cunts who wear this vulgar attire, celebrities, sports personalities, rap artists. Basically classless pricks who want you and me to know how much better, more successful and richer they are than us by wafting a brick of gold in our faces every opportunity they have. "Look at you you fucking loser wearing your 5 year casio old g-shock that your mum and dad bought you for your 21st" "Now look at me wearing a clock that's worth more than your house and car combined" These cunts need to take a long hard look at themselves and eat a turd burger sized lump of humble pie.

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