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Gay Pride Parades


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What really annoys me more then anything else about these events is the name, and the implications that said name entails. Could someone explain to me why these events are called Gay Pride? I had no idea that being born with a sexual preference that was beyond your control was considered to be a source of pride, so why is it that many Gay people feel the need to remind you of their gayness every other five fucking minutes at these events by prancing around in pink boxer shorts and dry humping anything with the same genitalia? Yeah, great way to counter the stereotype that all gay people are obsessed with sex you fucking idiots. Is it self doubt? Is it some kind of inferiority complex at work? One may never know, but one things for sure. Gay Pride parades are for cunts who don't like cunts... unless you're a Lesbian, in which case you do like cunts.

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