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Erect Cunts


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Ok so i go to an outdoor gig and i have to stand up because there are no seats. Fair enough and as i'm paying standing up prices i don't complain. When i go indoors i have to have a reserved seat and i have to pay sitting down prices. Fair enough, you get what you pay for. Except you don't because there are hundreds of wankers in front of you who insist on standing up. Fucking sit down arseholes ; i've paid for a fucking seat and i wanna fucking sit in it! It seems to me there are only 2 solutions to this problem : (a) i get a 50% discount for not being a cunt. (B) send in some security to batter these cunts and throw their arses into the street. Don't bother saying "don't go and see Beiber (insert any name you like) then." That will just show you up for the dull predictable cunt that you are. In fact there is no need for any comment as i am obviously !00% correct.

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