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McDonald's seeing red


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Delayed cunt which many may have already heard of/not give a shit about. McDonald's have terminated their contract which Heinz to supply them with tomato sauce, because they saw Heinz's chief cunt wearing a Burger King hat. I haven't been to a McDonald's in a few years so this isn't me crying because I want my favourite ketchup on my favourite burger but surely from a business cunt's point of view this is cutting your nose to spite your face. Heinz and McDonald's are surely a dream marriage in a corporate world and 99% of people who eat their shit wouldn't know about the Burger Kunt incident and 99% of those who do know wouldn't really care. I suppose this is less of a nomination for the situation and more of one for deluded brand prestigue which has no effect on (I hope) the majority of the public.

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