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Man United


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These guys and girls on the pitch and off it are real fucking cunts. They go on and on about what an amazing "family club" they are and that they have "no money" and yet their squad is full of stolen players. They then constantly slag off the likes of Man City and Chelsea for buying players as they are clearly shit scared of them and are so thick, all they can do is slag them off. Shallow cunts. What a real bunch of cunts they. They have that fucking Cockney Red's cunts too and I know a few of them from school and they were cunts even at primary school and still are. We all know they've done well since the early 1990's but so what? They're not the first, so what's so amazing about them anyway? Fuck all. They dive and cheat and harass the referee constantly and always get away with it and always will it seems. Even their ex "players" are still cunts like Roy cunt Keane. Fuck me! Now that guy is a real cunt and he's fucking Irish too, which makes him almost first in line to be buried alive hopefully. Fucking cunt he is. To top it off, Man United are not even an English football club either, they're cunting American. Fuck me, do we need anymore of this crap from cunts? I know that fucking Munich air crash was terrible but won't those cunts just shut the fuck up about it? Cunts. All the Man United "fans" now seem to seriously have it it for the Arsenal this season and they always have it in for someone who may possibly win the title instead. The winging cunts are the same every fucking season. How pathetic. When they're on the TV, just turn the fucking thing off. The only cunts worth watching are in porno films anyway and unlike Man United, if the girlie is fit they're nice cunts. Ye get me? If you're a Man United fan, you're a CUNT too, so fucking jog on cunt.

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