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Cunts boarding at Wilmslow who ask if the train is going to town

Guest Lady Penelope

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Guest Bill Stickers

If I was told I had to go to any of the aforementioned places... I would see if I could trade in my rail ticket for an economy class RyanAir flight to Dignitas, with a broken shitter, sat in-between Peter Kay and Johnny Vegas.

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I think the clue is 'Cunts boarding at Wilmslow....'

I've generally found that anyone from Wilmslow is the type whose IQ goes up when they step in dogshit. I'm just amazed they had the mental capacity to string a coherent, inquisitive sentence together - and of course, the time to do it, breaking off from braying at each other about their net worth, between Kir Royals in the local wine bar.

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