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  1. Considering your shite self and @Dyslexic cnutcnut have replaced The Harold as the resident spastics I wish you'd both put more effort into it. Damn it... I'm begining to miss that spastic Harold psychopath, he was a fucking twat but seemed to like being a spastic.
  2. Good afternoon ProfB... I've been meaning to talk to you but kept forgetting. I simply wanted to say that you are an absolute fucking idiot. You make me laugh for a second now and again, but I always find myself wanting you to die immediately afterwards. Can you let me know what your strategy is with regards to getting out of the utter shit you are in? You utter fucking cunt.
  3. Whenever I @ you it automatically adds that onto you name. A little like you...in that you add loads of unnecessary shite onto your already shite posts. What a plonker. Lol.
  4. What the fuck is this shit? I was Loa of the Dead and now my rank has gone. What a pile of cunt, I blame that sad trio which consists of the original freak @Dawn Chorus, that lying Weasel shitcunt @Dyslexic cnutcnut and their 'Leader' @Frank ...what a disappointing bunch of fucking cunts. Lol.
  5. That freak cunt used to live around the corner from me, I bumped into him and his boyfriend once whilst I was pissed. I'd get you his autograph but I think he's dead.
  6. I'm sure he's staggering around now thinking to himself...'Another bottle of wine and a few pills and I'll show those fuckers'. What a plonker. Lol.
  7. Weasel, what word would you use to describe a lying, deluded, shit stirring, desperate, bitter, treacherous, utter fucking wanker then? You're obviously very intelligent however I can't help but wonder...What kind of thick cunt sends a total stranger, on a website of this nature his CV? Answer the question or better still wait until later when you're pissed and the drugs have kicked in, you'll be able to embarrass yourself...again. What a plonker. Lol.
  8. Seriously now Weasel is this how sad your existence here has become? You have a drink and drug induced meltdown most nights (giving the whole corner an insight into your obvious mental health issues) returning the next day spouting your usual diatribe with no shame or self awareness. I am not mocking mental health issues at all and I have a lot of time for people suffering with it. You are obviously suffering Weasel and I don't think you'll get the help you need here.
  9. They stink of sweaty balls and farts though, ask @Dawn Chorus it knows what I mean.
  10. Thanks for that info. @Dawn Chorus I ask again, do you get sweaty balls?
  11. How's your holiday going? Don't get too pissed and hungover...the house wants cleaning and my dirty pants need washing.
  12. Wrong. I have a problem with something having a cock and balls and pretending to be a woman. Fucking fruitcake. Lol.
  13. What the weather been like down your way lately? It's been pretty warm here, do you get sweaty balls like me? I had to put the fan directly on them the other day. Blimey, I bet you'd need an industrial sized fan to cool down that pair of footballs you've got swinging away. Fuck off.
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