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  1. Apparently even though we are in a deadly pandemic the good old government and devolved nations have agreed that three households can mix at Christmas. Not only that but the student cunts can go home to mix with granny Mavis and grandad Albert as well. Let's not forget the thousands of New Year's Eve parties the northerners are going to have in their shitty houses, with cocktails of Tenants super mixed with vodka red bull with everyone pissed and spitting all over eachother. What could possibly go wrong? I predict many a death in February and another 'lockdown' etc, then a massive 'v
  2. Covid Christmas is going to be a welcome change, having got used to at least 10+ people Christmas' each year it will be nice to say my hello's in the morning and spend the rest of the day in one of my two flats. Watching Tele, eating, maybe smoke a bit of green and drink some of the finest rum.
  3. I've heard that up in the dark north houses are sometimes sold for a pound, so to be fair to the cunt he could have bought half a street instead of that pint.
  4. The country is skint...after we get all the Shropshire blue cheese, whisky and oil from the north sell it.
  5. I remember spotting a pair of drunk northern cunts in King's Cross shouting 'Yorkshire, Yorkshire'. Wankers. It's the north that caused the latest flare up of Covid 19 so they need to be taxed more to reimburse the South. Rebuild Hadrian's wall and build another north of Birmingham and charge the cunts to come here.
  6. I'm working on a Christmas no.1 remix. 'I'm dreaming of a shite Christmas'. Fuck off. Lol.
  7. The Tier system is in place again after 'lockdown' ends on the 2nd of December. Apparently you can have 3 households around for 5 days at Christmas though which has been agreed by all nation's which make up the UK. What an absolute joke, so when the adults get pissed and social distancing goes out the window we'll have 1000 deaths (at least) a day in February, more 'lockdowns' and the economy flushed down the shitter. Where is this going to end?
  8. Well when I say healthy I have been on a two day coke and drink bender. Apart from that I think I'm healthy. As for Frank I've not had the pleasure of meeting him yet.
  9. I am wary of this Vaccine as it's not as I understand like any other typical vaccine in the way it works. The various vaccines will get signed off as safe and they'll try and make us have it but they can seriously go fuck themselves. I am not having some vaccine for something that's unlikely to affect me badly (as I'm in my prime, good looking and a cunt) and also because the long term effects are not known. I don't give a damn if it's 107% effective, I'll carry on as normal not wearing a mask and not having the 'vaccine' and if Covid gets me then so be it.
  10. I take back what I said, what an example of physical dedication...The fat cunt.
  11. I think you are totally wrong regarding Lewis' mental ability. For example when up against four time champions Vettel in a faster Ferrari a while ago Lewis kept his head in many battles on track and mentally broke Vettel who ended up getting sack from Ferrari. Lewis rarely in makes mistakes on track and delivers consistently. That's belief in your ability and the mental strength to keep winning.
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