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  1. Yep it's going to be interesting to see how the teammates play their role. I think Mercedes were a little arrogant and thought they would put all their efforts into the new regulations car etc and didn't realise the improvements Red Bull have made. Bitter Bottas seems to think Verstappen is his teammate judging by the way he's allowed him past without any resistance. Perez is solid but as you say new to the car, I think he'll be replaced with that french cunt Gasly next season. There will definitely be another crash involving Max or Lewis and that could play a big part in the outcome. I have a feeling McLaren will do something special over the next few years Al long as they keep Lando and get rid of Ricciardo...what a gurning cunt he is.
  2. You're right Roadkill and I'm glad he seems to have taken some time out to think about his future. Without trying to upset him, give us your prediction for the drivers and constructors championships in F1? I would say of the remaining circuits half suit Red Bull and half suit Mercedes. My monies on Lewis and Mercedes to take both with drivers championship quite close at the end.
  3. I think you should ask @Dyslexic cnut he really knows how to 'ramp up' the work rate when those Big Macs are flying out the door. I don't normally eat that shite but I'll get you a nice cold, soggy Big Mac from MCdelivery...you could always nick the delivery mans moped and ram raid the local 24hr Booze shop. You drunken cunt.
  4. I've got the day off today, cleaning up the flat etc. Smoked a spliff of my mates green and I can't be arsed with anything. I think I need a coffee.
  5. Cases are rising and it's not even winter in good old Blighty, we don't seem to be any better off in terms of positive cases after the 'vaccine' roll out. This has prompted me to do my bit and I've been working on a Voodoo inspired 'vaccine' for Covid 19. (Over 18s only) You mix a few drops of freshly sacrificed pigs blood, 3 double shots of rum (16 doubles for @Cunty BigBollox) and two fat lines of my mates finest Colombian on your way out...now that'll help you fly through your days work, repeat every other morning. So I seemed to have sorted the pig slaughter crisis, increased rum appreciation and boosted the nation's work rate thus boosting the economy, all in one easy to follow but fairly expensive 'vaccine'. Let's face it I doubt if it would do any worse than the current strategy in term of case rates so why not? Anything but the same old response which clearly isn't working right?
  6. Like most things in this country (water, rail, energy) football clubs are sold to the highest bidder, who them have free rein to rip the fans off.
  7. Now look Dave I'm not following all this 'your into shit' shit at all, but after I rightfully called DC a vile piece of shit you appear out of nowhere.
  8. I'm glad Newcastle have some serious financial backing etc but their fans are absolute cunts. Waving the Saudi flag etc knowing (or maybe not) what the Saudis are involved in. Wahhabism etc is central to Saudi Arabia and a lot of the recent terrorist attacks are linked to it, Saudi Arabias human rights records etc. I'm beginning to dislike football fans and their sheer ignorance with regards to the bigger picture, all this so they can carry on supporting some foreign owned club that continues to ignore and shit on them all. Fucking mugs.
  9. Yeah and I bet you're all for giving a non 'vaccine' to young people who don't even need it so fat cunts with underlying self inflicted health problems (type 2 diabetes) like yourself can escape nature's way of thinning the herd. All that drinking and extra weight is terrible for ones health you know old chap, can cause cancer and all sorts. I was going to say I hope the new 'vaccine' resistant strain makes it way into your shared kitchen in your shared house... but that would be out of order. You vile piece of shit. Lol.
  10. Are you Jamaican Roops? We won't be having any of that slang around here ok.
  11. I've told you when I'll be there, so have you made the call or are you full of shit?
  12. How's it going so far DC, are you spinning out yet? Thought I'd let you know I'm arriving in Newcastle on Friday. Will your mates be there to meet me? I appreciate your generous offer of having your chauffeur pick me up but I don't want to add to your troubles both financially and logistically. What with work 'ramping up big time' you must be extremely busy. Thanks in advance old chap.
  13. Imagine being his neighbour... I can imagine the poor bastards spotting him outside as they return from the shops thinking 'Oh fuck he's outside again'. Lol.
  14. He's a very strange man, it wouldn't surprise me if he does to be honest. The idiot probably tells his neighbours he's SAS or MI5/6 and that's why he's sat at home all day everyday waiting for the call to save us all.
  15. It's not even 9pm and he's clearly wasted, give it another hour and he'll lose it again and start ranting about how he's set up a meeting with the five families of Newcastle to discuss getting rid of me. Always a laugh waking up and reading his drink and drug fuelled ramblings. What a fucking wanker. Lol.
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