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  1. The Don Vito Corleone...he's loaded and Italian.
  2. Have you ever had a black boyfriend? Or is it true that Gypsies stick with their own.
  3. Yes but he scored in many holes did old John. What a legend, and he can rap as well. He was spitting some serious shit way before these grime artist cunts.
  4. I preferred your 'You have no place here' mumblings Frank, this response is wank. See I'm now a poet, you bandy legged, awful poofter.
  5. John Barnes is usually quite balanced and I've heard him talking very fairly and honestly about what's perceived as racism. I can't remember if it was him but someone was complaining about him getting the sack as a manager. Him getting the sack had nothing to do with his colour but everything to do with him being a shite manager.
  6. It's Raasclaat KB, unless I've missed something. Knew you were a top lad from the beginning and it was confirmed when I read you post saying that you're a red. YNWA. 🔥
  7. I won't have a word said against the legend that is John Barnes you cunt. He brought skill to the England team, inspired and helped make Gazza the player he was, before he turned into a half dead alcoholic. I used to like you Neil.
  8. The EU were never going to willingly accept the fact that our vaccine was ok, they have constantly tried to undermine it and blame anyone but themselves for the mess that's their rollout. The EU is like the NHS...too many fucking middle men/people/manager's/cunts getting in the way and making things unnecessarily difficult.
  9. Afternoon old chap, you've missed out the H. I'm sure I am wrong but I'm beginning to think you might actually be an illiterate, fake, bender with an arsehole bigger than your inflated opinion of yourself. You vile cunt.
  10. I hear you, and to be honest I enjoy it here and will do things my way. If it works out then great if not at least I've had a laugh, not trying to make friends or enemies either. It's a genuinely funny bunch of cunts on here and you shouldn't take it so seriously.
  11. I genuinely bumped into Salman Rushdie in Notting Hill, he looked paranoid (probably the death threats) and extremely weak and gay. I imagine you look similar.
  12. "I have no axe to grind with OCR but he’d have had his arse handed to him by about half a dozen monsters for this petulance several years ago." This is my point @Dyslexic cnutcnut it's not petulance it's a genuine observation. Some of people are on here moan about things being stagnant, and how great things were but what does that achieve? Nothing but more moaning and negativity. Things have to evolve that requires new blood.
  13. How was your two month holiday courtesy of Mrs Roops you fucking twat? I actually find a lot of your comments funny you bender cunt so fuck off, leave me alone and I may give you like in future. Cunt.
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