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  1. Decimus


    These figures are absolutely meaningless without further information. They certainly do not indicate as you suppose that as well as apparently being racist, Covid is now ramping up its discriminatory behaviour by becoming classist as well. For a non-sentient virus, it certainly has discerning tastes according to far-left fucking idiots such as yourself. Give it a rest, you nonsensical, meandering fucking cunt.
  2. James L. Kraft, the inventor of processed cheese. Any time I go into the supermarket and see those fucking slices on a shelf next to far more noble cheeses, I think about digging him up and raping his skull. A tad OTT perhaps, but as an avid turophile, that plastic shit fucking enrages me.
  3. Decimus


    I'm not sure that Ed's pidgin patois would be comprehensible to Frank, even when taking into consideration the greasy Greek's obvious penchant for huge slabs of blackened souvla.
  4. Decimus


    You won't get any sense out of him, Frank is currently in stock catch phrase, absolute shit mode.
  5. You can probably consider yourself safe, unless he also spends his days hunched over his whizzing fist in a public park bush whilst sniffing piles of freshly laid dog shit.
  6. It couldn't get into the John Grant School, let alone fucking Oxford.
  7. Eight out of ten cats think that you are a stupid fucking cunt.
  8. Cheers for the sage advice, Simon Calder. Considering that at this point in time no cunt can travel more than half an hour away from their home without the Old Bill giving them a cavity search, your "Thought of the Day" on the etiquette of international travel is somewhat fucking pointless.
  9. @Frank has even lent him his spare Delboy coat.
  10. Decimus


    Leave it out, Frankie, you plonker.
  11. Decimus


    He's the Delboy of The Corner. Constantly chucking himself through conveniently placed gaps, desperately praying that some cunt will still be laughing after the 462nd time. What a redundant, UKTV Gold cunt.
  12. You're obviously not as well acquainted with budget hotel rooms as I am, any dirty stop out worth their salt has heard of their £19 a night deals. I imagine that when you're out stalking the streets of whatever kibbutz-cum-gulag you call home you spend your nights at the Y.M.C.A. LOL.
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