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  1. You should have seen him before he lost his edge and went all "kooky".
  2. School of hard cocks more like, the outrageous faggot.
  3. Back when Proper first bought 'The Firm', one of his first acts was to immediately fuck off The Rat, and The Judge followed suit not long thereafter. I'm not sure if he went the same way as Rattus Rattus or if he had another pant-wetting hissy fit. If memory serves I think it was the latter.
  4. I'm sure if The Old Bill ever need evidence to push through a prosecution for an offence of dog fouling, they'd find plenty of insight and notes in the detailed dossiers and files of@Joker who never misses an opportunity to intrinsically catalogue a steaming pile of dog shit.
  5. I have retracted the like I gave you on your original comment, in protest of you being a thick fucking cunt who posted the same shit twice. Shove your iPhone and your fat thumbs up your fucking arse.
  6. Did you know that in Chinese culture its considered good luck to flick the bell end of a small child?
  7. Although your moments of lucidity are becoming rarer by the day, in the odd moments when you're not off your stupid fucking face on hillbilly crack, you make some good points. They tried to make Aitch go to rehab, but he said no no noooo. Junkie cunt.
  8. And inherently dumb. Lololol
  9. Lads, someone summarise what's going on. I'm smashed and at a brief glance all I can see is more of the same Trump good/Trump bad tedious fucking nonsense that's been plaguing the site for the past few years. If it's going to remain at this low level sixth form political debate, I'm not interested. But if the parties involved are considering ramping it up to a full on Corner vendetta then I'm keen to get stuck in.
  10. I was 99.5% positive that someone would reply with the above, but I was almost certain that it would be the MikeD-lite @Joker
  11. Buggsy, as a prodigious imbiber of raw spirits and the sort of man I suspect wouldn't be above giving his missus a well-deserved clip if earnt, I've always valued your opinion on matters of manliness. With that in mind, I want your opinion on my latest purchase. I've ditched the fags and invested in a vape. Not just any vape, but a Petersham Westminster iTouch E-Pipe. Am I now a pretentious homosexual?
  12. Scope is what this thick, down syndrome cunt needs, alright. Perhaps @Stubby Pecker can advise for old times sake.
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