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  1. Decimus

    Will Young

    DC, I was in my formative football fan years way back in 1995, when one Eric Cantona karate kicked a Crystal Palace fan right in his stupid cockney fucking gob. I was fascinated about it as a wee nipper and I still am to this day. Can you tell me the content of the conversation that yourself, Bert Millichip, Martin Edwards and Sir Alex had over dinner at The Ivy on 26 January 1995? Did you counsel a 9 month ban for Cantona after Fergie got lairy on the complimentary drinks and disparaged the managerial qualities of Howard Kendall? Did Martin Edwards get caught yet again peeping through the gap of a female toilet shitter after the dessert course? Finally, as Bert was your front man, was it your idea to ban the tackle from behind, or did he have a moment of spontaneous cuntishness?
  2. This isn't the first time that Drew has mentioned Norwich Pride. I wasn't aware it was happening, due to not being a cock chugging, Sam Smith worshipping, absolute fucking bender. You've got to ask yourself, as do I, why Drew seems to be all over this like cum on a queers copy of the Bros 1987 annual.
  3. Decimus

    Will Young

    Ding, you disgusting, handsy, northern pervert, I'm glad you're fucking dead.
  4. Never mind the congealed Ginsters pasty on your lino, how long did it take you to cum?
  5. The only good Jewish comic is a dead Jewish comic. @judgetwi how many Jews smoke? About six million. Lol.
  6. This isn't the fucking Benny Hill Show. Take your lazy innuendos and shove them up your arse.
  7. No hard feelings, Billy, it's a newbie thing we all had at one point, as far as I'm concerned you completely held your own. Look at us now, joint brothers in arms in absolutely fucking despising the Pen creature.
  8. Fuckin โ€˜ell gents! Who brokered the peace between you two then? Eric? If I recall, it ended in the usual way these things end, we both found someone we jointly despised and gave them a joint kicking. Nothing mends bridges more than making someone else's life a misery as a team. I think in this case it was SaltyPissFlaps, possibly the second biggest cunt to defile these pages after JohnnySaucePants.
  9. Not I, I'd logged in a few times after but there was fuck all to comment on. I've used this tactic on Pen many times before, though, and it often brings some brief respite. Expect it to enthral us later about its busy afternoon basking in the warm glow of family and friends. I wouldn't dream of suggesting that it's in fact spent the past four or five hours sat in some fucking awful, council run Torquay care home, squinting with its tiny mole eyes at the communal clock and wondering how long a fake family and friends get together can realistically last.
  10. With over 10,000 posts on this latest ID of yours, including more than 50 in the past two days, plus the 20,000 or so you wracked up under your previous incarnations, you're hardly in any sort of position to lecture me or anyone else on how to spend time usefully. Anyone would think that you had no siblings, friends, children, other relatives or acquaintances to spend your retirement with. Oh wait, that's because you haven't! Leave your house for five minutes and put down whatever massive-buttoned electronic device you use to post with, you blind, degenerate, cock-swinging freak of fucking nature
  11. And the smell of things. A unique, heady mix of shit, piss, parma violets and gorgonzola.
  12. He doesn't get involved in protracted shit slinging. I can't say that I like that about him, but I appreciate that he's his own man. You on the other hand have only replied to further stir up the shit, which in the long run isn't going to help Pen as I'll keep coming for "her" again,again and fucking again.
  13. Everyone, and I mean everyone, fucking hates you on here. You bring absolutely fuck all to this site, your lazy nominations consist of clickbait BBC links and your only topics of conversations are about trains and obscure northern shit holes. Why do you persist? Like the dirtiest fucking vermin in the animal kingdom, you clearly don't know when you're not welcome. Kill yourself, you sad, childless, born wrong, boring, absolute fucking cunt.
  14. A 50 year old man and a 70 year old trans woman with nothing fucking better to do than to spend their entire Sunday in an online echo chamber talking about a fictional character called Decimus. Grow up, you pair of stupid old cunts.
  15. Hello, Scotty, good to see you. You've no doubt noticed that Pen is still posting streams of unfettered drivel and that Frank continues to trot out the same old fucking shit. Worse than that, ProfB is alive and well. Thank fuck you're back.
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