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  1. You make me want to puke.

  2. I'm not sure why you are focusing on this particular bugbear of yours when there are far more egregious happenings plaguing the site at this current time. You'd be better off focusing your ire on the substandard, watery absolute fucking shite that's proliferating The Corner at the moment instead of concerning yourself with who 'likes' my posts.
  3. You're a total fucking bore and a cunt hair away from spending your time swapping sexual innuendos with Gyppo into the small hours of the morning. Pathetic attempts to increase the site post count aside, have this, you redundant, no trick pony cunt.
  4. Stupid little cry-baby wanker.

  5. Good morning, prehistoric megafauna pecker.
  6. Good evening yet again, silverback semi.
  7. Decimus

    Keith lemon

    Good evening, leviathan length.
  8. Decimus

    Keith lemon

    Good afternoon, whale willy 🐋
  9. He's banned until 6th April, he got a two stretch from Roops due to being a repetive, queer as fuck simpleton.
  10. Good afternoon, sasquatch shaft.
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