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  1. Major he’s dead already. He won’t be returning any time soon. Dead.
  2. I’m not in a good place, DC. After the Del Boy episode it suddenly dawned on me that I’m probably not the best on here. If I’m totally honest, intellectually, I’m stumped.
  3. Shut up fatty you thick fucking humourless turd. I’ve seen both you and Ed and it’s fair to say that you’re fucking disgusting human beings.
  4. Frank


    I think that might be all from Jacko.
  5. Frank


    Thank you, Major.. good honest advice rewarded with a Netflix recommendation... Pretend it’s a City. You’ll love it.
  6. Frank


    Doc, I’m not seeking cheap poo likes, I’m seriously in trouble. Take a moment from all this hatred towards the man Frank and help me out, won’t you? I honestly thought I would die on the toilet this afternoon. What do I need?
  7. Frank


    Spot I’ve split my pooper again. Stools are like granite rock streaked with blood🩸and I’m limping after the last episode. Got any tips?
  8. When Barry enters centre stage at around 01.59, it sends a shiver through my body every time. Don't you feel it?
  9. Not feeling so great, Gyps. Can I come over?
  10. Rob, if I were you, I'd stay well clear of me for the next couple of years. You've been warned.
  11. I'm not sharing my musical tastes with you, Jackie. I'm politely.. gently trying to get the message across in a song. Have some fun this evening if you must, but I think it's probably in everyone's best interest if you leave the site.
  12. The man's frustrated, DC. He simply has nothing to offer. Charmless in every respect.
  13. Is there's anyone trolling these days, ape, I'm afraid it's you. I haven't seen you in such a state since I don't know when. When was the last time you got your leg over?
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