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  1. You and I have responded to this because we have a fucking heart. Lately these pages are on par with the Arsenal fanzine and quite frankly I don't like it.
  2. The man’s out of control and he knows it... shot to pieces. He’s bored, out of steam, and looking for a lengthy ban. What should I do with him?
  3. Sunday storm in a teacup, Pen. It certainly doesn’t seem anything like you. Whoever it might be, I’d certainly give it an eyeball. Fascinating.
  4. Are you pulling my leg? That surely can’t be Pen’s LinkedIn page. @Dawn Chorus what’s the idiot up to?
  5. Baws I vaguely remember scotty. Is he the dope who does nothing but one-liners?
  6. Gyps what are you expecting from us? This dead cunt and his acting skills.. or lack of, has been done over and over and over again. How can you sit there on a Sunday afternoon and think what the Corner might need is another Sean fucking Connery nomination? I’ve got the idiot Ape requesting password reminders three times a day, Decs doing emails, and the insecure Wolfie back in the frame. Do something else you thick cunt.
  7. What’s going on? You’re all over the place this week. Soppy technical chat... ‘thaaanks, I’ll send an email’ wetness, followed by bumhole pummelling and wig shooting.
  8. If there’s ever been a bigger shit-stirring piece of shit than me, it’s that righteous wanker Decimus.
  9. Withers, why don’t you and your idiot mates use their savvy and discuss technical shit via pm, rather than upsetting the board on a Sunday morning? The lot of you make me fucking sick... for what it’s worth. Idiot.
  10. I’m warning you stubby, if there’s one cunt on here that deserves a serious fucking beating, it’s King Billy.
  11. Get over yourself you wet hypersensitive dollop. I put up with some right fucking thick dipsticks on here, stubby. Don’t push your luck.
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