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  1. Six ‘him’s’ in one paragraph.
  2. Terry’s wife has never been caught shoplifting. You stupid fucking prick.
  3. If you compare my three words, liked by almost the entire board, to the hare-brained author's 232 words.. garnering no likes, I think both you and I know that you'll never be welcome here.
  4. I don't dislike you, raasclaat.. I don't dislike anyone. I agree entirely that we need new members with fresh ideas etc, but I hope you'll agree that you're not exactly gifted upstairs. Apart from occasionally telling me to fuck off and some other bollocks I can't remember, you appear to struggle with the very basics. You have absolutely no charm, your timing is unbearably awful, and when you do manage to string a sentence together, its excrutiatingly painful reading. You might surprise me by doing a cuntman and eventually coming good, but I've yet to see any sign of intellect.
  5. You're not qualified to be on here, rasters. Hand on heart, you've got to be the thickest newbie I have ever seen on these pages.
  6. Stupid 'I'm not really bothered' little cunt. Fuck off.
  7. I had a Saturday job at Ravel in Brent Cross when I was 15. They sent me on a two day course to learn the art of selling shoe trees. I was a hater at a very young age.
  8. Best thing I've seen on the telly since nighty-night. I don't know if you'll find it on the hooky streaming sites, but I think it's on HBO. It's worth paying for episode 4 alone.
  9. DC it's not my business and of course I won't get involved, but it appears that the Harold bod has got right up your nose. What's the thinking behind this?
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