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  1. That doesn’t sound too promising, Ape. No Sir. Keep us posted. 🙏
  2. Jesus Christ. Alright then. Give me a topic. Anything you like... I’ll show you how it’s done.
  3. That's one thing you'll never ever grasp, Wolfie. Timing. Characterless fucking dog-end.
  4. New audience, same old monotonous routine. Idiot.
  5. @King Billy this perfectly sums you up, along with the majority of the board. I think it's time we met, Mrs R.
  6. Frank

    Brown Sugar

    Can you give us an example?
  7. You serve a purpose, Ed... you're my buffer. You filter all correspondence from super-thicksters such as the Ape and Raasters, and for that I am grateful.
  8. I've got a photo somewhere. I'll dig it out. He's a fucking horrible looking thing.
  9. When I met you in that pub in the City, I knew you were a charlatan. Stone washed jeans, Paul Smith pointy mock brogues, big fat saggy arse and a ridiculous over-waxed side parting. You and your soppy boxer-nosed mate made me feel sick. The epitome of everything I detest in the British male.
  10. I didn't ask for this. Idiot. I suppose it shows the new members how fucking useless the inarticulate Bubba C is.
  11. We've been over this, Eric. Forget the likes, it's the profile views that count.
  12. Baws was Ding's "disco inferno' on the old site?
  13. That's fair, bubs, but either way I'm living the dream. I've now reached legendary status on here and regardless of whatever comes next, I'll be remembered by every cunt there ever was for a thousand years.
  14. Stick around for a while bubs if you wanna make something of it. You won’t because you know you’re not sharp enough. Never have been. Weaker chin than Wolfie. Fuck off.
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