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  1. I need time to consider this, say about 10 years. Fuck off.
  2. Don't get me wrong KB, but the cunt is so loathsome, that even cancer won't go near him.
  3. Basically it's the fact he is still breathing.
  4. No where near enough in my humble opinion. I think I speak for most on here, when I say I want him suicidal.
  5. Witheredscrote


    No I haven't, and they were more entertaining than Eric. Fuck off
  6. Witheredscrote


    I'd have been happy to be associated with Trigger, at least he made people laugh. I see you more as the Mike character, boring, and constantly serving up flat, watered down piss to young punters.
  7. Witheredscrote


    I'm disappointed in you Ed, it wasn't long ago you would have bent over backwards to help him. Though I do admit that would be dangerous now.
  8. Witheredscrote


    I am genuinely worried about his state of mind. Would he listen to Eddie?
  9. Witheredscrote


    Frank, this is embarrassing. We should talk.
  10. Fuck me, what a load of long winded boring shite. Are you in a relationship with Roops?
  11. I'm not complaining. All I can say is LOL
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