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  1. Yes, and it's your sort of remark that rubs salt in the wound (thankfully)
  2. As usual, complete bollocks. I'm absolutely sure Neil isn't aroused by the smell of rotting haddock.
  3. Scotty, help me here. The title refers to tranny shit. What is it like? A good heterosexual stool is normally quite firm, and a poof stool is normally very loose, after all the pulverising it receives from bell ends. I would ask Pen, but she hates me.
  4. What do you expect? The depraved cunt has taken bestiality to a new level. Competitive newt shagging indeed.
  5. I doubt that he has. It is the kind of car that Ape would drive. Honda cars are shite.
  6. He looks like the sort of cunt who would have a wank in his daughter's bedroom whilst she was out. Sinister fucking creep. I 100% agree. It is just a pity that he's not Jewish, then you could really despise the cunt.
  7. Very quiet on here this morning Spud. Most of the punters on here are probably walking around with empty jerry cans.
  8. So will most women in your vicinity.
  9. Probably because Norfolk isn't worth disrupting.
  10. Especially at troweling his shit on a wall, using a plastic spoon.
  11. First, never say sorry to the cunt. Secondly, because he is a cunt.
  12. You sure, have you seen the size of the beaver on it?
  13. Really? I understand everything she says. It is just a pity she is an absolute cunt.
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