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  1. Well, at least the lad has posted some nominations. When was the last time you put one up? What an over-inflated pile of shit you really are. Fuck off.
  2. Take no notice of him. He is just unhappy because his patio looks shit.
  3. Probably to make his wife's cooking look more appetizing.
  4. Lada banged out a massive amount of cars, and like Eric's posts, they were shit.
  5. You make me want to puke.

  6. @Wolfie, yes I have given Decs a 'like', and yes, I have rimmed him. It wasn't as good as going down on a Greylag gander. Now kindly go fuck yourself.
  7. Frank, you're not a well man, and it shows. As a measure of how abysmal you have become, I find myself drawn to Stubby's posts, before yours. It's that bad, believe me.
  8. Fucking Meantime. You would be better served drinking 4 pints of Roops piss, straight from her barrel.
  9. I'm sure that not many on here give a flying fuck what you have been. Though most on here know what you are. A bullshitting troll. Kill yourself.
  10. All this effort, and for what. You truly are a half baked turd.
  11. I agree with all the above, and love you when you are sober.
  12. He should know his place in society, and shouldn't have to be reminded of his short comings. Especially by somebody Welsh. Simply bad form.
  13. Yes, the U.K is in one hell of a state. So much so, that even we French wouldn't be afraid to invade it.
  14. I think you are getting confused... The girls on Aldi checkouts wear waistcoats.
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