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  1. MC, I find all this very depressing, don't you? To end the day on a brighter note, Frank has told me that the lid of his Brabantia pedal bin has fallen off. He's gutted.
  2. Or he could have dislocated it, whilst swallowing Eddie's enormous smelly black cock
  3. Very sorry to hear that, but you should never look in a mirror after having chemo. Get well soon.
  4. Complete bollocks. The bloke was wetter than Frank's sopping arsehole.
  5. More like gardening material. As much humour as a bag of compost.
  6. Spare a thought for Sir Thomas More, sitting on a hard bench, writing the book. Weeks it took him, and all the time an itchy arsehole. No Anusol those days. Great man Tom.
  7. According to your Granddad. So being an absolute cunt runs in your family then.
  8. 1066. Ed. that's about the number of hate mails I've received so far. Vivre.
  9. God had run out of balsa wood, and UHU glue?
  10. Yes, but you didn't, because you are a bunch of whinging, do nothing cunts.
  11. What a question to put to a lady. If I were to ask her if she had ever experienced a Greylag pecking at her prolapsed uterus, you'd call me unprofessional, and quite rightly so.
  12. I have no need of supplements. I have my geese.
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