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  1. Good joke, poor delivery, keep to newt fiddling, you humourless idiot.
  2. Well you won't bump into @Stubby Pecker. He hasn't got a personality.
  3. It's cock has still got more girth than one of Frank's legs.
  4. You've been holding your own for years. Your missus won't touch the rancid thing.
  5. Talking of a raging homo, I am wondering how Punkape is getting on in Tokyo. He has a good chance of gold, in the 100 metre relay rimming.
  6. Forget this shit, Scotty is back, and on top form. He has told me that he is going to snap your head off, and shit down your scrawny neck.
  7. @Stubby Pecker, please tell me you're not bullshitting here. I can't abide bullshitters.
  8. Well not a lot quite frankly, as I don't have a mobile phone, only a desktop p.c. So you can fuck right off for another 18 months, you attention seeking cunt.
  9. For what it's worth, I have no problem logging in, but if I try and post, it goes to 'saving'. If I delete, go out of the page, and then try to repost on the same it will be o.k. Sometimes 2 - 3 times.
  10. WOW, two pretentious cunts, and a pisshead. Is Ming's corpse making the foursome?
  11. @Ape™️, there you are, I knew there was a plausible explanation. I am just surprised that it took her 10 hours to think of one though, seeing as she is so clever.
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