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  1. 1) Frank. You are not capable of producing any content other than repeated insults. I asked you to put a nom up, you had time, but you failed. It's over. @Frank, just a little reminder of what Admin. told you in 2018. Make it June 2030, you protected fucking weasel.
  2. Certainly the best at not nominating anything for over 3 years. Fucking admin protected spindle prick.
  3. Frank is now so boring, I actually read Ape's posts looking for humour. This is a measure of how bad he has become.
  4. Here, our vide-greniers are of a much higher class, and only last year, I purchased a genuine Louis XIV fauteuil for 5€. Riff-raff like you, and your unfortunate neighbour wouldn't be permitted to attend such gatherings. Peasant.
  5. Well it had to happen. Frank has got so much of it, he's had to off load some.
  6. Franz Paul Stangl, camp Kommandant, Trebinka, June 1942. "Today is sports day, and we will play Squash. I will drive the steam roller"
  7. ..and don't we know it. You stupid repetitious cunt.
  8. Did you have the cod, or haddock?
  9. At least with Coronation Street, you get an interval. Unlike fucking Eric.
  10. Christ Ape, sorry, I honestly didn't know. As you like snooker, is it your brain?
  11. Get back to your snooker, you boring cunt.
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