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  1. And there's me gawping at Twin Peaks The Return with Diana going up in flames and Kyle MacLachlan arm wrestling a White Power slap head to death.
  2. You also turn orange if you eat too many. I must say not even Covid looks like turning the clock back to a simpler way of life, basic fresh menus based on economy and home cooking, less sugar and fat. I was brought up on the following and my mum was no great cook but she provided and you rarely saw a fatso kid at school, if anything kids were by comparison to today's fat arses scrawny and under weight looking. Here goes! Toad in the Hole Minced beef shortcrust pie Beef stew with dumplings Bubble and Squeak (that was a speciality of the Market Cafe in Borough when it was a
  3. The Thai spoof, Tears of the Black Tiger, is a great send up of the Western. Great film.
  4. If you trace your family tree(s) back far enough you will probably find you are the product of immigration and a good chance it had a refugee element.
  5. There's a special place on TV where that sort of two faced is kept.
  6. I like a couple of candles on the table with my evening meal.
  7. Another great fight is the saloon brawl with Randolph Scott in Buchanan Rides Again.
  8. It was precisely his sanctimonious preaching and opinions on the radio that led to his downfall. You clearly know nothing about the back story to his fall from grace into disgrace. He was telling people how to behave on radio then he fucking gets caught going behond his wife's back to a prostitite.
  9. That's another great one. But the sunglasses thing was really surreal and two WWE wrestlers really going for it.
  10. He was such a quiet family man. Then he picked up an axe and slaughtered his family.
  11. BBC can't stop referencing it in all their radio and other shows. Do they really think this is going to save the Licence and their miserable privately educated Oxbridge skins?
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