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  1. You just can't leave it alone can you?
  2. I have been too busy dealing with a rat infestation to do this shit.
  3. Ideal World will reveal its wonders to be seen.
  4. You sound like an experienced penetrator of the male hole.
  5. Don't try to get near me by calling me Harry. You'll be touching my arse next.
  6. The sprog of Enoch Powell spaketh his brains.
  7. I dance every night to Camberwell Gypsy's Life Doesn't Matter. I find it a very good wind down.
  8. It's a historical fact that history, unlike science, never repeats itself.
  9. Fuck off you cunt.
  10. Would you like a taste of my enormous pylon you silly prick? Jersey is a fucking shithole tax haven enjoyed by a Charlie class lording it up over a captive population of medieval serfs and genetically inbred dolts. A sort of minaturised England. It is the most fucking boring shithole on earth with nothing but a few Second World War concrete bunkers to show tourists plus a paedophile children's home scandal cover up that has all but been brushed under the carpet.... oh and the cream.... FUCK OFFF YOU WANKER.
  11. I think you are talking about the common brown rat.
  12. If I had a fucking sword I wouldn't place it on your fucking shoulder but right up your arse you fucking silly prick. Then I'd spend all night twisting it and Nazi saluting.
  13. It's about time you got around a bit more on a deluxe Luggie old chap. I have a few bags of cement, that went off in the shed, you can use as ballast. Hope you get that meet up with a No 1 Bus.
  14. If I had a choice of two lifestyles between the LGBT TWO DADDIES HOUSEHOLD and the UPTIGHT ANALLY RETENTIVE DAWN CHORUS ARSEHOLD (needs more roughage) I know where I'd be putting my head down. And I wouldn't be waking up to the CRACK OF DAWN. 😕
  15. The well padded never get caught even when they're caught. Which tends to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt all the conspiracy theories out there. They're first line of protection is the intelligence services which are solely and only concerned with defending the Establishment.
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