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  1. Up your arse if you have enough room - probably.
  2. Andy Murray recommends Lewis Hamilton for a knighthood. There used to be a precondition for New Years Honours. Paying income tax in the country of your birth and to which you owe everything. Something Hamilton has carefully evaded since achieving the big money. OK if you can live with your conscience. Not OK if you mouth BLM and Equality slogans. Not OK if you want respect. Not OK if you want official recognition. OK probably by a Johnson Brexit Tory government that has rewarded its pals during the Covid catastrophe. The tone is set at the top. Since 2006 and the Blair WMD lies, th
  3. An excellent reference to the over priced organic food shop in Kings Lynn.
  4. I am talking about Kes and his memorablw bout with Les Kellet - yours and everybody's idea of your mean and weird uncle nobody visits or talks about without gobbing first on the floor.
  5. A fate worse than death. The only four letter work banned from my lips: WORK.
  6. The lockdown must be doing your liver a much needed rest.
  7. I am 70% in favour of the Oxford vaccine, but 30% of me hates all the snobs that do bum around there.
  8. Now Brian Glover either on film or in the ring was a scene stealer. You couldn't keep your eyes off him.
  9. I think Burt Reynolds deserves more credit than he is given. Great actor. Great character. Great life.
  10. I'm 70% near a motorway and can drive my car with 70% efficacy to get there.
  11. Trump will go down as another "What if?" in American history with the likes of JFK, James Dean...
  12. I'd have him in my bubble any time. Loved his film Citizenfour apparently Citizen ChildeHarold is in production but they can't find anybody good looking enough to play me. What's wrong with Russia, their vaccine Sputnik II is 90% while Oxford old boy is 70% efficacy. It is as Frankie Howerd said, why he felt so at home there. Shit hole. LOL and please rethink your retirement plan to relocate to sunny Syria. You might end up in a condo with Shamima.
  13. Johnson and Johnson got there first with prescription tranquillisers. Let's hope Biden gives Woody the Big E. Obnoxious little good for nothing never done a days work in his life playboy runt.
  14. I'm the disrupter you don't want at your party. Please nominate me to speak a few words at your cremation.
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