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  1. I'm warming to you Harold.
  2. Ok, but I didn't think you were really that thick. In short, you're a brainwashed idiot and you should fuck off immediately. Read the reply from @Cuntybaws, he's from this reality, not some socially engineered fantasy world. I expect your programmed response in due course.
  3. What's your point? If you're on the mental disorder and/or disadvantaged freeloading bandwagon, fuck off to Scotland, they'll have a fantastic and superbly funded socio economic programme sometime in the next 3 to 50 years. HTH.
  4. Ooh, ooh, I know this one... They actually had the staff car park expensively and badly re-tarmacced by a relative of the head and then they all spent some time at his villa in Marbella, right?
  5. That's nothing. I have a trophy made from a non magnetic brass double open ended spanner, a plastic magnetic model of the world from a 1968 Avro Vulcan, a spring from the analyser unit (co-ordinate) and a target designator joystick from the same aircraft navigation and bombing system. I also need a piss. Buenas Noches.
  6. You mean The Clangers? They're all dead. The Soup Dragon got hammered one night, had a beer fuelled spaz and ate the little cunts.
  7. Jazz, giant steaming pile of noisey irritating shit.
  8. Why, according to the MSM are there so many confused wankers hovering around? Apparently, there's confusion over mask wearing, social distancing and gatherings, alcohol consumption, gender, sexual orientation, good and evil, car insurance, brexit, Donald Trump, China, Ape and a shit load of other irrelevant tosh. Any wanker who's claiming to be confused by such shite is simply a lazy, thick cunt seeking to disguise their inadequacies with a diversionary label. They can all fuck off.
  9. I think she's probably related to Damien Hirst. That, or they've had several secret and mutually gratifying canapés injecting sessions.
  10. Tracey Emin must've mistook cannabis for canapés. She's fucking shit.
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