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  1. ....shatter the illusion of integrity. RIP "Professor " Neil Peart.
  2. Easy, flog your bedsit and buy both my 4 and 3 bed semi and detached houses in the commuter belt near Leeds. Rental income is improving up here. PS. Just had all the Artex dealt with in the semi and a nice new multi-fuel stove installed. HTH.
  3. Bill, I like you, mostly because you're not quite as thick as your Southern neighbours. Get yerself and yer fellow Brits over here pronto, we need you.
  4. I like Tu, it's decent quality and I have several items in my inventory, only sale items though, never full price.
  5. Apology accepted. I'm a Yorkshireman and therefore, a tight cunt. The jeans are mine, compound that with the fact that Mrs. Lugs is also an Asda "colleague", therefore I gain an extra 10% off a 2 pairs for 12 quid deal. What about that?
  6. Stubbs, I've been out all afternoon on the pretence of exchanging a pair of jeans from George @ Asda. I'm fucking splattered and I seem to have returned home with the same keks....The missus is watching Gogglebox and ignoring me, please don't make my predicament worse by confusing me with Eddie.
  7. Agreed. It should be solely reserved for the use of black people.
  8. Vile cunt. Earthworm canap├ęs?
  9. I'll raise you a Long Covid.
  10. The stupid sinister cunt is also following me and sending PM's.....I'm at a bit of a loss OCR, my defences are crumbling, in fact I'm so peturbed, I'm seriously contemplating a pair of heavily used, tan, double monks by John Lobb on eBay. They need re-soling, but I think I can stretch to that. @Eddie, please help me. I think I'm going to need some homeless skint cunt coaching.
  11. The same might be said of a left hand amputee attempting a counter clockwise auto reach around. I've been down the pub again.
  12. Elize Ryd,oooof, yes......That's how you do metal, punk, other stuff fusion. Epic.
  13. Uncanny....My campaign slogan for 2024, representing the Northern Clique.
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