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  1. It's about time the other "colonial powers" got some stick over this; most of them were much worse than us, although not as successful. The occupants of the previously oppressed countries are often quite grateful; there's even a popular memorial to Rhodes in Zimbabwe. The Belgians, for example, aren't well thought of in The Congo and even the mild-mannered Dutch have a few skeletons in the closet. As for the Spanish...
  2. It'd get caught round the anchor chain.
  3. Seems a bit little and a bit late. The Stones' entire career has involved the cultural appropriation of black music.
  4. Being a vapid, talentless bint is a fucking minefield these days.
  5. They'll be having a seperate police force as well then? I don't think that this has been properly thought through. If this new force is entirely female, Even though they might get there sooner, they'll spend ten minutes fucking about with handbags, make-up etc befoe getting out of the car.
  6. On a more sensible note: surely this is what the 999 service is for? There is an implication that the existing emergency provisions are inadequate. Improving the service for 50% of the population (the half that are statistically less likely to be assaulted) seems a bit like box ticking. If I accidentally dial the new number to report that my house is ablaze, will they send a fire engine or some lesbians with a cup of tea?
  7. It probably depends on who answers it. It'll end up going to the 999 operators... or a call-centre in Mumbai.
  8. ...and then they spend ten minutes fucking about with scratch cards and lottery tickets. It's like a tax on stupidity.
  9. I disagree. Imho, he was the last chance this country will ever have of actually electing a government with fundamentally socialist principles. His problem was that the electorate don't want a government with fundamentally socialist principles. Most people just want a fair crack of the whip.
  10. My mother was in Germany very soon ater the war, she saw Dachau (she worked for the Control Commission). One of her most abiding opinions was that it was impossible that "ordinary" Germans didn't know what what had been going on. The liberators treated the locals as they deserved.
  11. 500 million years of evolution gainsaid by a few dozen gobshites on Twitter. I think the term is "post-truth".
  12. It would have been news if it were black.
  13. What happened to him? I used to enjoy ignoring him. Is he up in heaven with CH?
  14. Most of the indigenous American styles have been inluenced as much by European (particularly Scots/Irish) music as they have been by African music. A lot of it evolved as a parody of the bosses' culture. To white Americans, in the firat half of the 20th centuy, bues, jazz etc was "race music". It wasn't until quasi-intellectual Europeans took notice and tried to emulate it that interest took off and we sold it back to them. Before the wide availability of recordings and radio, it must have been difficult for any type of music to move between social and geographical groups.
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