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  1. Are you certain that these girls were 19 and not 9? The way they dress these days, it can be hard to tell.
  2. No, but the click has packed up; I have to keep my thumb over the end or I lose my point.
  3. Pen's avatar is looking the other way.
  4. And to quote Wikipedia even futher he first wanked in his pyjamas.
  5. Who cares? I got my free biro (just for enquiring) years ago.
  6. Astra Zeneca sounds very modern and space-age; it's the vaccine Dan Dare would have preferred. On the plus side, the sort of people who wear masks outdoors or while driving won't be infesting pubs with smug disappoval.
  7. It's nothing new, Google "Hariet Harman PIE"
  8. The abysmal state of science (or any) education in this country might make the scare tactics unavoidable. Beyond a certain level of ignorance, it becomes impossible to hold a rational discussion.
  9. Probably not; why would they?
  10. Apparently these arseholes are an ethnic minority (ie inbred atavistic simpletons), who are legally allowed to set up their stinking shanty-towns anywhere they like for up to five days before they can be moved on. Their traditional way of life is endangered in this fast-paced modern world of stronger padlocks, CCTV and other hi-tech security equipment. The old trades are dying: oppotunities for young caravanners are dwindling and even the simpler skills of prising open shed doors with a screwdriver and laying tarmac with ornamental puddles will be lost in a few generations. Luckily, urban liberals, who have no experience of the kind of damage these bastards cause will always be there to speak up for them and over-romanticise the nomadic life; especially for those with a brand new Shogun, a 30ft chrome-plated caravan and a large, comfortable bungalow in W. Ireland. If you think these cunts are bad, wait till you meet their Romanian cousins.
  11. That and the fact that he had been lying in wait and shot the little shit in the back. He was too slow, if he'd loosed one off before the cunt started running he'd have beenh OK with self-defence.
  12. I've got a Little Red Book, it's in the downstairs bog along with the Book of Mormon and the latest Viz.
  13. To the envy of many of my more careless mates, I have reached my early sixties without ever having changed a nappy. I have also never used an iron and have nether shaved nor worn a tie since the day I left school in 1978.
  14. ‘George Floyd represents a lot more than himself at this juncture in history’, said Mr Baraka. He represents violent petty ciminals and drug adicts of all races and backgrounds.
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