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  1. I just have. The term "left-footer" originated among navvies, are you descended from them?
  2. It's very useful stuff. It improves golf courses no end.
  3. For making concrete. What else?
  4. I had one of those, an estate, someone gave it to me. It reminded me of the Farina bodied A40, but 40 tears on and cruder. I swapped it for ten quid and a cement mixer.
  5. The patrols were required to salute the drivers of vehicles carrying a members' badge. No salute was taken as a warning of police speed traps.
  6. Wow! I can't compete with that kind of repartee. Are you related to Childish?
  7. With the sun-roof open you could pass a joint to the passengers. It was a very civilised mode of transport. Motorcyclists wave to each other, sidecar drivers stop and make a cup of tea.
  8. I used to have a Busmar "Astral" on a 650 Panther, it was huge, like overtaking a caravan. Not this one.
  9. It's the Royal Institution Christmas Pudding lecture next.
  10. I wonder if he's ever had a job. What do these twats do when the publicity moves on? There doesn't seem much of an established career path for them, post-posing. I suppose fruit picking, now the Romanians can't come; swings and roundabouts with Brexit there. ... and Childish derails yet another nom with his feckless abuse.
  11. So he's unlikely to be mastering wiping his own arse in the foreseeable future then.
  12. It's only a bit of gloriifed office equipment. The main purpose of them and their apps seems to be to funnel advertising to the gullible. The tweets, likes etc are only encouraged to keep the punters looking. They are product, not the customers.
  13. Banning "smart" phones would be a good start. They seem to be the way that BS propagates around the world.
  14. Lord Kagan of Gannex macs, although Wilson retired because he was losing his marbles. Blair had a few whiffs of financial skullduggery about him too and the left have managed to keep the tin-hat on the appalling way the miners were treated by their union over compensation payments. This sort of thing is endemic among the political "class"; it just takes diferent forms with L and R.
  15. They also enriched many of the natives at the expense of their compatriots. In most cases, British hegemony was a lot better than what had preceded it.
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