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  1. Both groups sound like minor characters in a PG Woodhouse novel.
  2. He's ideally suited for today's BBC, having no qualifications or previous experience. They should send him up in a helicopter with faulty seatbelts. The last time I heard R2, it was wall-to-wall screeching arsebandits and non-stop fucking Abba. R4's gone the same way but with dykes and shit comedy.
  3. Modern adverts have no imagination or wit. Vile electronic kiddy-pop and shots of members of odd minorities using the product/service, followed by a bit of corporate virtue signalling is the safest way to avoid the thought police. Where's Carlos Fandango when we need him?
  4. Fitzroy topped himself because he couldn't get it right and nothing's changed since.
  5. Any Londoner that "escapes to the country" should be fucking shot and sent back where it belongs. These arseholes don't realise how much the rest of the country despise them.
  6. At least she's standing up against the "woke" nonsense (although I agree about the books).
  7. She's not really there to judge a talent contest (and neither are the others) the whole thing is designed to get the mouth-breathers to absorb the commercial messages and keep the half-wits happy; confected "controversy" is just part of the game. Showing a bit of tit will do no harm to her fading career, it will keep her name in the papers and the notoriety might get her another couple of gigs before gravity inevitably wins and it all goes south. The botox/facelift strategy seems to have a limited benefit after the third or fourth cycle, the desperation is starting to show. There's someth
  8. What for? Do you do a lot of trekking in rough countryside, or is it just to show off to your mates?
  9. I'd rather they rioted, at least it'd show a bit of life... Dim Lives Matter? Stupid people from all races are exploited and abused.
  10. Why the fuck do people want to watch shit like this anyway? Baking, dancing, eating worms in a jungle... It's just brain-destroying pap for the hard-of-thinking.
  11. I've never had much problem missing this crap, the only times I've seen it have been on the TV while waiting for a take-away. It's the fact that they exist at all that annoys me. That one with the massive arse seems to have had a huge influence on young people, going by the number of fucking whales in Aldi's.
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