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  1. He's got his own island, so democracy doesn't count.
  2. People who work in towns should fucking well stop in them. Living in London for more than a few months turns anyone into a cunt, it's infectious.Those officy cunts that move out to rural areas to start businesses are just as bad, they never employ anyone other than a spouse and absorb grants and facilities intended to help the genuine local population. The Welsh lads had the right idea about second homes. Londoners are like shit, they get everywhere. Did anyone ever vote to be part of the tourist "industry"?
  3. Oooh! Almost a reaction from the plastic paddy, pretend gangster. Try harder, prick.Have some of this:
  4. There are several examples of bags of wind on here.
  5. I thought I'd blocked this prick, why's his drivel suddenly reappeared?
  6. No matter how fervently they believe, Hank's Country Bunker and Billy-Bob's Lube'n'Ammo are not businesses that will provide the sort of deals he needs. Any respectable concern will look long and hard at Trump's propositions, he has a reputation for defaulting anyway; Trump's financial empire is under intense scrutiny from the press and the authorities, anyone a bit dodgy would run a mile.
  7. He arose from the business world and it is they who will judge him, by his own standards. If his family brand is damaging the reputations of and not making money for those who deal with him, the financial shenanigans will be unravelled quite quickiy. It may take a while to retrieve the money but I bet, with the forthcoming legal actions, it can be frozen quite quickly. Trump is a man of some charisma but limited intelligence who has spent his life surrounded by sycophants, without them he will soon realise that he's not as sharp as he thinks he is.
  8. That's a drop in the ocean compared to what he owes. Many donors are now trying to get their money back from the borderline fraudulent "appeal fund". The family's core business is untouchable to any respectable concern and those MAGA prats who risibly failed to start a revolution won't help him after the way he spoke once he'd been rattled. He shat on a lot of people on the way up; I doubt many will miss him, even if he was only a front for something more sinister.
  9. The sex-change thing is a sort of quantum leap of "progressive" thought; pretty much everyone accepts folk of different colour/race, sexual orientation, even gingers, but trying to gainsay 500million years of evolution with Twitter is a step too far into the realms of someone else's fantasy.
  10. Well at least the orange arsehole can't do any damage while he's on the bog.
  11. I couldn't care less about his/her/its genitalia as long as he/she/it doesn't keep fucking going on about it. Given the amount of medication these weirdos have to take to sustain the illusion of their chosen "identity", he/she/it will probably be on sick leave most of the time.
  12. The wax crayon and plastic scissors of dairy products. At least, unlike his mate Ghandi, Jinnah wasn't a racist kiddie-fiddler.
  13. You seem very well informed, you shouldn't really repeat pillow talk. Do you move frequently in these circles?
  14. So he wants the part that everyone voted against but without the benefits. They really don't get it do they?
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