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  1. Browsing through R-Soles' internet history would be interesting as it is disgusting. We can't all be wrong, @dave. Nobody tolerates an advocate of animal maltreatment. You can't come back from this.
  2. Agreed; child and animal abuse belong in the same pot. @dave has shown time and again he falls comfortably into this category.
  3. They shouldn't be too lonely in jail. https://www.thetottenhamindependent.co.uk/news/19626736.cold-blooded-murderer-jailed-targeted-shooting-enfield/
  4. You've answered the same post twice, which suggests you're somewhat bothered by it. Seriously, forget about the poem. Answer the two questions I've asked you above. As with a handful of other members, I'd like to know why you think it's ok to inflict suffering on animals, and in particular dogs.
  5. What a lovley turn of faggot lipstick red we have today from Mr Shit. No matter how stressed I may be, and whether something's playing on my mind, a brisk 20 minutes out with my dogs is the ultimate tonic. I'm able to get back and tackle whatever problem I may need to sort. Selfishness aside, 99 percent of dogs are among the most unselfish, forgiving and loyal creatures which have ever existed. It's little wonder millions of us adore them; those who own and love them will know why precisely they are labelled 'man's best friend'. I cannot stand watching them suffer. Indeed – this goes for any living, sentient, non-human entity. I can however tolerate (though not enjoy) watching other humans in distress. Obviously there are degrees of acceptance to this rule, in as much as I would take pleasure in watching people, like you, who in turn enjoy watching animals suffer, being fed to starving wolves after having a couple of ribeye steaks nail-gunned to their genitals. There are also around a billion of them in China, and an area of south east Asia which comprises several hundred million of the wok-faced wankers, for whom I have deep animosity towards for their nonchalance of animal cruelty. Why is it you hate dogs so much? Indeed, why is it you also hate people who provide them a happy existence, especially as they would be treated with brutality in many other parts of the world?
  6. Neil, I was hoping for more. I've finished this feeling disappointed. I'm sorry but it is absolutely quite shit.
  7. Oh, the irony of it. That said, the face on the left is a most studysome one. Unless it's been elongated in Photoshop, I can honestly say I've never seen anything quite like it. What an extraordinary creature.
  8. No. It's got to be yours, right from inception. This is your baby. I honestly don't think you can do it.
  9. Right on cue, hungry little stickleback. Moving beyond the Rocky theme, how about a fresh nomination (which doesn't involve you), or don't you know how to change the record?
  10. What an unexpected irony. You boring, repetitive fucking cunt.
  11. Dave the self-proclaimed ethicist Was actually a bit of a serial fetishist Trying to keep history under his hat Couldn't conceal his lust for all things scat And despite his desire to promtly move on He was addicted to all things canine and bum His efforts and words never quite transpired By popular demand it was time he expired
  12. Get fucked with your sycophancy. You're proving to be a drunken idiot. Sort yourself out or get off the site. I expect to see a marked improvement – with immediate effect. You have been warned.
  13. Fuck off you overly genial, compliant little rimming machine. The escape corridors of this site are closing fast on you, Toad. You appear to navigate them, drunk, into the hours of someone who's clearly got too much time on their hands, only to walk down the same dead-end which has your 'maestro', sitting there, naked, waiting for you to shine his cum-stained designer loafers. If ever there was someone who had some potential perpetually pressing the self-destruct button, you're it.
  14. This would comprise a completely different part of the human anatomy if you went into the operating theatre, lol.
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