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  1. Yeah? She makes me believe Simon Weston in Miss Piggy's wig is actually possible. https://www.irishmirror.ie/showbiz/celebrity-news/dark-pressures-little-mix-gruelling-19911553
  2. Few things in life say 'I'm gay and desperately trying to compensate for feelings of inferiority through showcasing my wealth' quite like buying clothes most wouldn't consider spending thousands of pounds on, and then uploading images of to a bunch of internet strangers.
  3. It's a shame you're still sharting out this second-rate bollocks (while destroying your status) from toying with the Corner's remedial gang. You've obviously given up on being any fucking good, or as you might say, 'the best on here'. You predictable, disengaging reservoir of festering cuntbatter. Isn't it time you fucked off?
  4. Try harder or don't bother contributing anymore. There's enough substandard horseshit being posted by the likes of @Earl of Punkape, @Dawn Chorus and @Frank without you leaving a peanut-encrusted log in the toilet with absolute fucking humourless drivel such as the above. Not once in almost 1,400 posts have you made me laugh, or remotely earned my respect by writing something worthy of discussion. You thick, easily provoked, caravan-dwelling infantile Cornish cunt.
  5. Give it a rest, you colossal fucking idiot. @Frank I want this pathetic excuse for a site 'contributor' gone by next week. Are you up for the job, or have you no longer got what it takes?
  6. Wolfie


    Doc Martin’s what? His ownership of a shoe company, or his application for a coronavirus testing kit? Does he sit in for Dr Martens when he's on holiday? For someone claiming to have benefitted from a prestigious public school education, the correct use of the apostrophe and grammar in general appears to have passed you by, you living, breathing pallet load of factory-headed Pot Noodles and instant coffee.
  7. So far as I can make out, the murder suspect was brought by police to the custody centre armed with a gun (unless he took it from a police officer while at the station, which is most unlikely). So, wasn't he properly searched before being arrested?
  8. Jesus, you really are a fucking pussy doc. You always have been, and judging by your comment above, I can't see this changing anytime soon. You're obviously bright and educated while being a little arrogant, achingly unfunny (and an obvious Anglophobe), and about as deadly as my grandmother after a few sherries. It's these missing traits which prevent you from joining the site's biggest-hitters – all encompassed in the irony of your 'assassin' avatar pointing a killer gun. You'll never be a cunt on the Corner. You're too much of completely wet pussy.
  9. My avatar suggests a sense of irony, while your tabloid upload about Steph McGovern was meant with sincerity. There is a difference.
  10. True, though not quite as laughable as a (former) GP scraping the barrel to source 'news' from a tabloid as opposed to broadsheet.
  11. In spite of the Zipperheads' economic gain throughout the world over the past few decades, in which planet Earth's leading toilet has undoubtedly become more Westernised, the CCP has never abandoned its ideological tenet of totalitarian control – for both its people and those it can manipulate abroad. Since the Tiananmen Square massacre, which Chinese authorities appear to have conveniently forgotten about, it does make one wonder why so many governments in the 'free' world (including our own) still want to engage and grow with China. The communist shithole continues to use Western nation
  12. Wolfie

    BBC Salaries

    Here we are, in the midst of an ongoing economic crisis obviously caused by China with no respite in sight. Yet, despite choosing to instead launch attacks on Donald Trump's administration on a daily basis, it appears the noble BBC – funded by those least likely to afford it, millions having lost their jobs already – continues to relentlessly stockpile its top presenters' kitty by way of licence fee enforcement. How the flying fuck has Zoe Ball managed to worm her way to a £1,000,000 pay rise, honestly? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-54160658
  13. I imagine your inches are usually smaller than everyone else's.
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