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  1. Impartiality lies at the heart of public service and is the core of the BBC's commitment to its public-funded audiences. There's absolutely nothing impartial about Children In fucking Need, which is shoved down our throats each year whether we like it or not (including idiots with cash buckets dressed as Pudsey in supermarkets), during which its political engineers attempt to use children to make us feel guilty if we don't make a contribution to 'poor little Timmy's new wheelchair', or help finance a 'new mentor for Leroy whose mum was a crack addict'. The whole fucking thing has a dark
  2. Bunny = single Bunnies = plural Gym bunnies = idiomatic plural ChileHarold = idiot
  3. Wolfie

    The BBC

    All credit to him for trying, but the reality is he's one of the least desirable people to have by your side in a fight, especially as he's got no arms and he's already on the floor. Black belt his arse, ffs. Just imagine him as someone's minder or bodyguard, as he follows them around town in his wheelchair or mobility scooter.
  4. I couldn't have put it better, MC. What a vindictive fucking tool he's proven to be time and again. I recall in one guise or another (shortly after being banned) he threatened to take the Corner down with anti-hate speech links, citing how illegal the site was, thereafter having an 'eavens-style meltdown before returning as Arthur Dick – and still incapable of concealing his obnoxious, anti-southern, charmless demeanour. And there's the nonce weirdness, with the 'irony' of the two convicted paedo avatars he decided to choose. Reptile/Arthur: when you read this, and the frustration of know
  5. Wolfie

    The BBC

    This – despite the BBC's highest-paid presenter repeatedly lecturing 7.7million Twitter followers to wear masks to 'fight the killer disease', in which he told the public that wearing a face mask 'had to be beneficial, even if it only saves one life'. The greedy, self-righteous, overpaid snowflake wanker's hypocrisy holds no bounds. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8856869/Gary-Lineker-apologises-seen-without-facemask-browsing-M-S-food-hall.html
  6. Wolfie

    The BBC

    I wonder if his stand-up is as good as his ground game.
  7. And there I was, believing you to be a gentleman. Still, at least @Dawn Chorus always will be.
  8. You utterly self-obsessed little cunt. Just know that when your humungous ego and economy-size brain return to the site, I'm going to tear you a new arsehole, you vile, pathetic excuse for a human being. Full-of-yourself little toad.
  9. ...whereas Down Under the kids will instead be biggin' it up Chinese triad-style before too long.
  10. Brilliant. It's amazing what an exclusively spunk-based diet can do for your tiny little brain, 'Lady' P.
  11. I live in a beautiful AONB region, right in the heart of rural England's West Country. I escaped here some years ago from Essex/London, from which I left the 'wigga' dialect – and the growing foreign culture accompanying it – far behind. Or so I had thought. Just yesterday, upon returning from work, I overheard two scaffolders working on my neighbour's house, in their late teens or early 20s, both white, and obviously local, sounding as though they'd just set foot out of a Hackney-Bronx ghetto: 'Yo bruv, whaddit be for munch tonoite?', followed by 'I'll be meetin' me mates dahn frum
  12. It definitely goes some way to explaining his obsession with class – borne from an obvious inferiority complex. Most estate agents don't need qualifications of any particular note: a big mouth, an ubiquitous nature, and the ability to swindle pensioners from their life savings – all driven by an obsession with money – appear to be the prerequisite requirements. Isn't that so @Earl of Punkape, you yellow tie-wearing, pink mini-driving faggot?
  13. ...probably rarer than the sight of a cock between your bum cheeks, estate agent.
  14. Why don't you open the front door to your basement studio flat for the first time in almost a decade? Hopefully you live on a main road, and for the only time experience being hit fully in the face by a speeding car, meaning other members will no longer have to suffer the unprecedented levels of festering shit you relentlessly churn out.
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