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  1. 1) Yes, it does say something about a 'governance crisis' in the UK. I've never hidden my contempt for Boris and his panel of self-serving Oxbridge arrogants, collectively incapable of making a quick decision when it really mattered. The UK entered full lockdown while its airports remained open without the facility in place to test for COVID-positives entering the country. What stupidity – both at the time and retrospectively. 2) a. Keep pushing for an international inquiry into China's handling of the initial coronavirus outbreak, with trade sanctions in place by leading Western powers;
  2. Where is the pretense at the start of my comment? Read it again and I think you'll see I was fairly biased and anti-Chinese from the outset. If no one ever speaks out against China's extreme cruelty and challenges its authority and unwelcome grasp of the world economic and military stage, change will never be affected. If you class this as racist, then be it so. Indeed, I welcome your sightly mystifying, poorly researched and incompetently structured attempt at an intelligent response, but the 'newby' aggression really ought to stop. There's a time and reason to do it, and you appear to h
  3. My apologies for the long response, Dr Cunt/Goober. I've spent the past few days dealing with angry teenagers, which ironically puts me in an ideal position to address your recent hissy fit in defence of China. It doesn't matter whether the virus is an escapee from a Wuhan bioweapons military lab or whether it originated from a disgusting, archetypal Chinese live animal market: the result has been precisely the same. One year on and the fact is most shops remain shut, businesses closed, children kept home and elderly people locked down and scared out of their fucking wits. The virus,
  4. You've proving to be a drunken, misinformed and unnecessarily abhorrent idiot - and not for the first time in recent Corner history. I don't have time to pull your piss-poor argument to pieces right now, but I do hope you wake today with the most vile, shitty hangover known to mankind. You utter fucking bellend.
  5. Why, have you seen a more recent photo of Roops adorning the famous BHS sofa throw?
  6. Harold, the last part of your comment appears to be an unintended self-appraisal, as I believe you're too stupid to perceive any degree of self-deprication. I am trying to like you, especially as you provide a useful link to the mindset of a 'more DVDs than books' idiot who's clearly familiar with the latest McDonald's-generation TV shows, but time is slowly running out for others' patience of your perpetual, nonsensical drivel.
  7. Shouldn't this read: 'Placebo covid19 jab? I have stabbed my eyes with a paperclip, while my arms were tied behind my back telling my subconscious it was my first covid-18 jab – my mind now knows I am completely blind, therefore I am incapable of posting any more pointless shit on Cunts Corner'. Love PrickB xxx
  8. During Biden's two-term tenure as US Vice President under the Obama Administration, Syria, Libya and Egypt were drawn into civil war, while escalating tensions in Gaza, Palestine and Israel gathered pace – allied to more US air strikes in the Middle Eastern region than at any other time. Whether the CIA had too much power, or whether it was Biden's arm, and with Chinese flu manifesting itself globally, I'm not hopeful of the future. A wolf in sheep's clothing, one might say. https://www.thebureauinvestigates.com/stories/2017-01-17/obamas-covert-drone-war-in-numbers-ten-times-more-strikes-
  9. As @Mrs Roops has pointed out, you appear to have an unhealthy infatuation with worms – in addition to what is gradually unfolding as an abnormal pattern of sexual references to anuses. The attention-seeking, inferiority-complexed wanker aspect of your personality continues to paint an obvious narcissist with typical sexual dysfunction in spades; I'm quite sure even @ChildeHarold would rather be recognised as someone who doesn't have the brains to cut the mustard on this forum than reveal himself to be a strange, creepy little weirdo with some very embarrassing sexual compulsions. Wh
  10. Is Muhammed Ali Jinnah the twin brother of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the latter's first name so called after the founder of Islam, and as such has only ever been spelt one way? If you're going to earn respect for yourself on the Corner, and intend to create nominations which suggest an educated prose, at least have the fucking nous to check subjects out first before submitting pointless horse shit which echoes that of a remedial, dyslexic 14-year-old.
  11. Good God. Are you sure you're not Jazz when your therapist can't home-visit because of coronavirus restrictions?
  12. It's not technically fish, but I've got a penchant for de-bearded clams. And you?
  13. Harold: please don't take what I am about to say personally, but I am shocked to notice your many hours spent on this site have racked up a staggering 3,000+ comments in just 7 months, each as mundane and pointless as the next. There's been little or no improvement, and when I was looking for examples to demonstrate this, I was able to pull the three comments above from just your first page. What I am trying to say is you're not very good at this – and I'm not alone when I say you never will be. Don't you think it's time you moved on?
  14. That's because your kitchen table isn't in the background.
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