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  1. Somehow I can't envisage those wings lifting George's lips and stash of counterfeit notes over the brick wall.
  2. Do you reckon you could out-glory hole OJ in the prison showers, Pen?
  3. Yes, absolutely. People often argue it's thousands-year-old cultures which blind many East Asians to the brutality they operate with, but I don't know which part of the human brain can't register the plight of an animal which is obviously suffering a good deal of mental and physical torture. Having heads shaped like a variety of cheese-cutter conkers probably suppresses the front part of the brain which recognises extreme cruelty.
  4. You strike me as someone who can still make a whole lot of reason when others are losing their heads. But you also strike me as a bit of a wet weekend in Skegness. Are you Rick_B resurrected, WD?
  5. It's satisfying to know my comments (about you) get so far up your fucking humongous Gallic conk it brings about the type of fawning and impudence you're renowned for like no other.
  6. Point taken, though I wouldn't have flagged it if I didn't think it was worth mentioning. That said, you are right – there are more important issues to deal with. What's said has been said and it is time to move on.
  7. I'm not sure I can add much to some comments already made following this thread other than Polar bears belong in the Arctic, not in zoos or glass boxes in aquariums - and certainly not in hotels for the entertainment of the world's cruellest race of subhuman, pan-faced shitfucks. The saddest thing of all is I am not surprised. We as humans should be investing resources, time and money into saving the natural habitat of such a beautiful and unique species, not continuing to profit from its misery. While I would fully support the staged closure of every zoo in the UK, it is not possibl
  8. I'll forgive you for being late, on the basis you've probably been upgrading your wardrobe with size 28-inch jeans. Why not open another bottle of Terre di 'Fannio' and immediately upload another video of yourself?
  9. Ape sounded the wanker klaxon more than an hour ago. What's kept you?
  10. Yep. I'd rather brush shoulders with nearly-man Frank than converse with the site's best example of a scorpion on a frog's back. He's occasionally funny but good God, what a wanker.
  11. @Ape™️, please would it be possible to sound the sycophant wanker klaxon.
  12. Thankfully we'll never know. But I don't doubt you've got an arsehole that would make Peter Tatchell wince.
  13. Bollocks. I think you'll agree your pull-out quotes are a mere fraction of my comment as a whole.
  14. @Eric Cuntman, I know you're not an admirer of anything slightly more nightly than magnolia, but you have to admit the Jackson boy could dance. Just take a look at his friggin' pre-80s breakdance/robotics moves from about 1:00 in this clip:
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