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  1. It was shit, admittedly. I think I'm a little rusty DC, and I don't want to fall into a rut. Being someone with an Aladdin's cave of experience, what advice might you offer me?
  2. I'm all for promoting equality - and wildlife - through the wearing of black hijabs when going swimming; as Britain's waters warm with climate change, the ensuing shark population will mistake them for seals, providing numerous species new to UK shores with a sustainable source of food.
  3. Just imagine being part of a live broadcast witnessing the first twisted testicle in the history of women's weightlifting.
  4. As if it wasn't possible to hate you any more than I already do, your new avatar appears to warrant the most punchable fucking face in Corner history.
  5. Despite the cool sea breeze, you can bet the film crew got a waft of BO more than a mile away from their subjects. Ironically, Parliament today votes to reduce foreign aid spending by around £4bn. I'm happy to up the ante on British foreign aid because this will help prevent more immigrants entering the UK in search of an already stretched benefits and public healthcare system – at the expense of those who have paid into it for generations. Ironically, a prominent figure in our cabinet – one of three of Asian derivation (in addition to our Mayor of London) – argues in defence of accusations of racism with a prominent black footballer who plays for England. Meanwhile, another prominent black England footballer speaks out against racist thugs as the irony of publicly caring for childrens' health appears lost on him when he signed an advertising deal with Coca Cola – the fast drinks industry being a major contributor to child obesity. What an absolute fucking mess.
  6. At around 1:10 he says '...looking down to our beautiful, beautiful Earth'. This, from a man whose aviation empire has dumped hundreds of millions of tonnes of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. What a cast-iron cunt. https://amp.ft.com/content/bf3130f4-5f62-4f9d-941a-d1db98dc0233
  7. I wonder if the range accommodates pregnant women.
  8. But who's going to trim your bush when you're no longer capable? I'd imagine your swimming costume will resemble Brian Blessed blowing his nose with a handkerchief.
  9. Whatever happened to the slightly naive, middle-class, semi-Swedish sophisticated weather girl? What a promiscuous, cumfarting slag she's morphed into. Shame.
  10. You humourless hick. I thought you'd at least find some lighthearted relief in the Kim Wilde link before catching fire later with a wank. Country-cousin idiot.
  11. Similarly to any decade, the 80s was both excellent and shite. There's no such simple distinction such as 'the 80s were shit' or 'the 90s produced the best songs' etc. Utter cockrot. This is a beauty from the 80s. Fuck off Neil you prick.
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