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  1. I can't help but feel a sense of relief each time I read your posts, Pen. Thank goodness your BR career comprised little more than stamping tickets with ink and cleaning grotty train toilets, and didn't encompass a role in which planning or safety was involved. You achingly thick fucking cunt.
  2. Nice attempt DC but surely 'birds' quims' is the correct possessive plural noun ownership, otherwise, as singular, it suggests each French female has more than one minge. If we really wish an expert in the field to cast his opinion vis-à-vis whether they stink, look no further than @Witheredscrote
  3. Jesus, is this the kind of standard worthy of this website? You're an embarrassment to the rest of us. What an idiot you're revealing yourself to be, now with an avatar of a dog with a gun to its head to accompany your existing 'pet death' meme. Frankly, we should be offered the means to vote as to your future inclusion on the Corner.
  4. You're absolutely dogshit, honestly. You're not even averagely good - and you never will be. All the scat nonsense you've created around your two memberships is your own doing, not anyone else's. Hopefully soon you'll be known as 'Mr Shat'.
  5. Despite my contempt for The Guardian's legendary political bias, which is intrinsically linked to the BBC (almost all high-end BBC vacancies are exclusively advertised in its media), the following story is nicely written. It appears Gary has created a grey area so far as his employment status goes, in the process attempting to avoid settling a £4.9m tax bill, in which he is being pursued by HMRC. Linekar, in the past 20 years, has gone from being the darling of team England to one of the most despised people in the UK. He really is an absolutely self-serving, arrogant wanker. h
  6. I've been waiting with bated breath for this story, but I've got stamps to lick for this year's Christmas card send-out. I have also been meaning to clean the downstairs toilet, so I've made a headstart by attempting to piss-away skidmarks in the bowl, hitherto without much success. Can you offer any tips @Dawn Chorus?
  7. Posting as 'R-soles/Joker' on the Corner must be a bit like being on the Sex Offenders Register: he can run but he can't hide. All his own doing from the outset, of course. Your time's up here, @Joker. You're never going to shake the reputation because the only thing you'll ever shake is a shitty stick. For these reasons, and having discussed this via PM with other members this evening, we recommend your retirement from the site with immediate effect.
  8. I've just searched following your expert instructions – though I wish I hadn't. While I did hang around for as long as I could endure, I couldn't see the precise clip you had obviously foraged for. Should anyone ever require a GIF of two faggots kissing, you're our go-to man from now on, Bores.
  9. Either you searched for gay porn to upload this, or you already had it saved to your device. Which is it?
  10. ...says the person who formerly called themself 'R-soles', who chose a moniker featuring dog turds, and, after continually mentioning shit in almost every post, was essentially forced to change their posting name and modus operandi in an unsuccessful attempt to rid themself of a self-created stigma. What hypocrisy. Isn't that right, Mr Shit?
  11. I shouldn't worry about it. If ever you pluck up enough courage to go topless, I'm quite sure your legs will divert attention from your top-half.
  12. If you're interested, my missus has several pairs of size 10 jeans waiting to be put on eBay.
  13. I couldn't agree more. Not surprisingly The Fall's cover of Sister Sledge's 'Lost in Music' is (in my opinion) their best-ever song, which speaks volumes about the fathomless piles of shit which comprise the remainder of Mark E Smith's ashamedly overrated discography. The man was a cunt, and his music was fucking dreadful.
  14. How about using the term 'br*wn' instead – a colour you're very familiar with for an all-too obvious reason? I'm embarrassed for you, honestly. Weird little scat-fixated creep.
  15. Your posts generally read as though a remedial 14 year-old has stolen its parents' laptop after a sugar rush. 'Professor' indeed – what a colossal birdbrain you're consistently proving to be. Idiot.
  16. Wolfie

    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    Indeed. Three bottles of Terre di Fannio (£8.99 Waitrose) leading to a drunken wank, gay porn, and impulse purchase of new £1,500 Gucci man-bag? Alone, of course.
  17. I'm sorry for hitting a raw nerve and upsetting you, so I'll apologise.
  18. In light of the fact you are the last person to put your little chicken legs on public display, and Arnold isn't advocating the wearing of shorts among middle-aged has-beens, I thought his topic would've been right up your street. So, if you don't like his effort, why not show him how it's done? We're all waiting.
  19. I'm not sure I concur. Sound in certain sports is just as vital as sight, for example. Squeaky footwear on a tennis court or in a boxing ring can quickly heighten the senses for one opponent to determine the precise whereabouts of another, especially when they've got sweat dripping into their eyes and are tired towards the end of any given contest. I don't follow basketball, but I suspect Nike and Reebok et al. are aware the same thing applies here. Perhaps this is why their products focus on increasing grip and proprioception, not eliminating sound. Get over it you fucking pussy.
  20. Wolfie

    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    Neil, I absolutely hate your fat fucking guts, from your devolved little brain to your gout-ridden feet, via your 52-inch waist, which you already know, though I've awarded a rare like for this comment because I reluctantly wholly agree. Darts and snooker alike require extreme hand-eye coordination skills comprising sleight of hand, a deft touch, the ability to quickly deconstruct numbers under pressure, and concentration for long hours without talking. Mental endurance aside, physical strength is not required, which can therefore be attributed to the female genre's comparative limitation
  21. Wolfie

    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    It's clear to see why he's disliked but one has to admire his incredible ability to pull out wins under extreme pressure. If I recall, two of his three Crucible titles followed gruelling semi-finals which finished into the silly hours before starting the final the following day, his opponents having more rest. Three world titles don't do him justice: primarily a great safety player but also a consistent century break-builder with a phenomenal 'never say die' attitude. He is Peter Ebdon or Steve Davis on steroids, and one has to anticipate more world titles to come. Yes, I am a fan. I
  22. Wolfie

    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    Okay Eric: whose back doors get caved in first, those belonging to Vicki or Michaela? And what about you, doc? Who's the lucky recipient of a clandestine rubber glove 'examination' down-under with the aid of Rohypnol?
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