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  1. WW3 has been going on since 1954, it's called silent weapons for quite wars, read the fucking document you bunch of cunts.
  2. Fuck me swiftly, forgot about this speech impediment monged out bundle of flesh and bones. Must say what a savage cunting i gave him back then, must of been my violent angry phase. I'm more chilled out these days and consider Ed a good mate.
  3. He still won't get it, the thick cunt never does.
  4. Exactly, this isn't some conspiracy theory, i'm just stating what i know to be fact by a very trusted friend.
  5. Obviously you're very stupid, so i will be very clear for your unhinged single brain-cell. My GOOD friend LIVED with his dad and CARED for his dad so has FULL knowledge of EVENTS and has possession of the death cert...GET IT. Bill there is a conspiracy theory circulating that you're a real person and not some programmed bot...i have yet to see any evidence that this is true.
  6. I don't give much credibility to most that is on the subliminal TV box..what's going on Billy ?
  7. Fact 1..my friend who i have known for years and worked with him, was his dad's carer for the last few years and was there and has full knowledge of events. Fact 2..as he was handed the death cert, so read what was on it... Fact 3..you can believe whatever the fuck you want. Fact 4...i know for fact you're the type of cunt that would wear a turd around your neck and if the brain-washing government told you it was solid gold, you would believe it.
  8. You started writing armageddon songs during lock down CB ?
  9. Good, hope they never put it on the cert..if this is a deadly virus, then begs the question why the government is scratching around to boost the numbers...but it has managed to shut down large parts of the world economy and many people will die in their homes because of lockdown induced deaths, people can't get the medical care they normally would, suicides will be on the up as many people suffer with mental health. i already know of someone who has taken their own life.
  10. Same where my Uncle was, he passed away just after the new year, i would see plenty of this when visiting him...let's remember they are old and at end of life stage and thousands die in care homes every month.
  11. Can't see nukes being used as pointless from all sides..the worrying thing might be, depending to what side you're on, is EMP bombs, with that you can shut down the opposing enemies grid and walk straight in and take over...i wouldn't be surprised if the Americans have something like this and the Chinese know they have it.
  12. Social distancing really isn't a problem for me, they can keep that fucker for as long as they want.
  13. Evening Cunts, strange times we are living in. Now i don't know about you lot but to my thinking there's a lot bullshit surrounding this Covid thing. Plenty of conspiracy theories, 5G & Bio-weapons, there is some points to be made of these theories but let's put them aside as bollocks for now. Then there's the numbers not adding up and many experts around the world are starting to sing (canary flu) a different tune to the official story. So let me tell you good people what i know to be FACT. Last week my friend's dad passed away, he was 81 , had dementia, diabetes type 2 , he has been
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