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  1. I have changed my mind the earth is flat, think i was on acid the day i saw the curve.
  2. Sorry for the late reply Eric, i haven't been myself since being forced to pleasure Nicola Sturgeon & Diane Abbott in a three way bondage film, i have seen the rushes and they are just fucking awful...mind you Abbott sucks a blinding cock.
  3. It was a bogie that sank...and who took any notice..fucking nobody.
  4. I know i'm a bit wet behind the ears sometimes but i thought you was brown fucking bread on here, how did you wrangle your wrinkled old bird brain back on here ? ....and who are all these new saps ?
  5. D couldn't do without this feud, the daft webbed footed cunt loves it...or am i just projecting ?
  6. Wow, what a show of force you are D, i'm really shitting myself now.. Someone has got their Ann Summers knickers in a twist, or is it the thong or maybe you are suffocating through way too much wearing of your gimp mask.
  7. Sorry to paint a picture of Abbott's caviar bumhole.
  8. Never heard of this cunt, sounds like a tranny.
  9. I only wear a mask for special events like orgies.
  10. Just another distraction PR stunt, watch what comes next.
  11. I shall give Snatch your heart felt regards, you bow legged missing talon leper. Good evening and eat discharge from Diane Abbott's rectum.
  12. Where i came from, you don't want to know. Dullard.
  13. You have had your 15 minutes of fame, now fuck off, you're nothing more than yesterday's pavement pizza (double cheese).
  14. Been busy Eric, training covid marshals and making covid vaccines, you wouldn't believe the spastics i have had to work with. Boris the spider owes me a few favors now, especially since i hired William Shakespeare for that gold standard PR stunt.
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