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  1. Been busy Eric, training covid marshals and making covid vaccines, you wouldn't believe the spastics i have had to work with. Boris the spider owes me a few favors now, especially since i hired William Shakespeare for that gold standard PR stunt.
  2. Turd grabbers and carpet lickers would be considered normal folk up against the izzard trollop, attention seeking-never own a cunt CUNT !!
  3. Wear your nappy with pride fuck features, wouldn't want you to pass out having a wank during a hypoxia fit.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these semi-conscious low IQ spastics were imported from some shit-infested cunt bucket, lot of immigrants in need of jobs out there. I personally haven't had an eyeball with any of them yet but have seen the toxic-avengers floating around like a Derek Acorah wet dream. The muppets that are running this cuntry are making up shit as they go, all heading for the great reset and complete slavery of every shitcunt. That dribbling slap headed cuntbreed Klaus Schwab from the world economic forum needs a swift claw hammer to his eugenic swede..
  5. I know for a FACT that he is a member of a biker club which has connections to the hell's angel's. He is a lovely feller, not a trouble maker but can certainly look after himself in a scrap, he is a big guy and has martial arts training, i'm not part of the biker club but i know Snatch very well...as we are cousins. He still comes on here now and again but you will never know it.
  6. To be honest, i couldn't be bothered to read this because anything connected to the British Bullshit Corp seethes my rage to a level of wanting to start a massacre. I take your word for it and gave you a like.
  7. Asda's is for cunts..never heard of the zombie looking cuntbreed in the picture..but looks like he could do with a windpipe snap, followed by a brutal attack to solar plexus using a spring loaded cosh, spread out on a breaking wheel and blow torched. That should do for starters.
  8. Not really, that's essential work..well if you're of the woke mentality, diversity and all that bollocks.
  9. Not for long, better start learning Chinese... 他媽的你混蛋
  10. Covid cunt, that did make me laugh for some strange reason.
  11. Well i see we still get the dregs on here derailing threads with their ill thought out responses, I will have you know that i first joined this website when you was wearing diapers, sounds likes you're still wearing them by the shit that's coming out your fat fucking gob, be a good boy and put your face nappy back on and shut the fuck up.
  12. Another classic is the video where people are dancing back to back with each other wearing face diapers.
  13. I guess everyone has had enough of this bollocks by now..but let's have a bit of fun with it and put your insane Covid stories here. One of the most insane tossers in all of this must be the Governor of California Gavin Newsom, apparently he asked people to put their masks back on in between bites when they're out dinning. My favorite has to go to the UK for closing the pubs at 10 because that's when Mr. Cronie likes to come out and fuck everyone up, although we are told that pubs are covid safe..so no need to wear a face nappy til 10, after all Mr.Cronie isn't about til then. One good thing i
  14. Noel was created in the Wuhan lab, level 4 of course.
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