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  1. Busy social distancing and wearing their masks. Busy being a bunch of compliant pathetic sheep in other words.
  2. Pussycunt Dolls. Yeah. Fucking crap but ok for late night gentlemans exercise.
  3. Fore! Watch your head cunt.
  4. Wash your mouth out with soap.
  5. Thank you. That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.
  6. “Dontcha wish your girlfriend was a dog like me? Dontcha?”
  7. I’m not going to buy any more happy meals from his drive throughs if he carries on behaving like that.
  8. Fucks sake Eric. Don’t start a panic. Withers has already retreated into the cavity wall with a dozen croissants and a big jar of escargot from Carrefour.
  9. Back on topic. I couldn’t help thinking today that as the whole worlds ruling class appears to have decided that everyone must now wear a mask, having previously been telling the sheep that masks were of no help in combatting the hoax virus, and could even be harmful. I was wondering why the infection rates are apparently going up everywhere now that everyone is obeying this latest order? I’m not an expert but there appears to be a slight problem with this policy.
  10. In someone else’s anus.
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