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  1. Herd immunity is a much more likely outcome, now that the cattle are being jabbed.
  2. That’s probably the right approach. Some wag would no doubt be unable to resist calling you a ‘cockblocker’ if you did.
  3. Totally agree. The most loyal animal bar none. Even the most cruel cunt alive could beat his dog mercilessly every night, and the next day it’s loyalty to him will be undiminished. Cruelty to animals is the surest sign of a defective human.
  4. Careful you don’t get your tongue stuck up there DC.
  5. Couldn’t have happened to a bigger fucking prick than him. Shame the poor girl who got blown away wasn’t black though. It would have been a hoot to see the Twitter mob turning in one of their own and ripping the flesh off his skeleton. His wife has been complicit in the ‘cancelling’ of numerous celebs for saying something ‘wrong’ or simply agreeing with someone the left hated for a long time now. She projected herself on Twitter as a proud Latino woman, from humble origins, standing up for the oppressed victims of the racist USA. She’s been very quiet though, since last year it came out that she was really the daughter of a very wealthy, totally white couple from New England, both leftie academics, I think her dad is a professor. The most terrifying aspect of the story imo being that her family were complicit in her fraudulent identity for years, for purely fucked up left wing, identity politics reasons. The MSM didn’t think it was a story worth covering though. There’s a surprise.
  6. The head of the BMA was quoted in the Telegraph’ last week as saying ‘forcing GPs to do more face to face appointments is harassment and discrimination’. A strange comment to make imo, considering that is precisely what they are handsomely paid to do. Tonight we learn that the BMA have said that they are going to start industrial action if GPs are compelled to see patients who request a face to face appointment. And meanwhile we, the fucking idiots who have had our lives ruined for almost two years to ‘save the NHS’, and had to listen to our neighbours clapping like fucking demented seals for these cunts, are being primed up by the MSM and the puppets in Downing St. for another winter of bullshit regulations and orders to protect these cunts. Wake up ffs. If you stand for this again you deserve to be fucking dead.
  7. This ‘stunning and brave’ female person who’s taken the BBC football (highlights only) world by storm, showing all the white privileged, male, misogynist, overpaid, racist pigs how to commentate on men’s football and remind the viewers (about 3) that Black Lives Matter constantly, while sticking her tits out for the camera every five minutes, came a little bit unstuck this week on another BBC show. Who do you think you are? It was revealed that her great great great great grandfather Robert Coombs owned 26 slaves in Jamaica in the early 1800s. The poor girl was visibly upset, and said through her tears ‘I expected to discover some family connection to slavery, but not like this’. Oh dear. I wonder how they’re going to spin this one? I’m sure they’ll find a way. They always do. They are the experts after all.
  8. Fuck all that nonsense Gypps. I booked the ferry to Ireland at Christmas today and, we’ve got to show ID chip documents and ‘health certificates’, whatever the fuck they are, for our 2 dogs now, to get on a fucking rusty overpriced old boat. If I see Panzy as I’m driving through Dublin on my way to the North, I’m definitely going to pull over and piss over his drunken, unconscious body and shit in his Fisher Price saxophone.
  9. I reckon it’ll go down to the wire this year. The Cape Verde Grand Prix is a perfect circuit for a real title deciding nail biter. My money’s on Fangio. He’s been eerily quiet all season.
  10. At least he saw all his patients in person, which I’m sure made the old dears feel much better as the morphine swept over them like a tsunami, unlike the fucking greedy, lazy cunts nowadays who think they’re doing their patients a right favour by granting them 60 seconds of Zoomtime, after they’ve been on hold for about five hours. Useless fucking wankers think they’re A list celebrities because a load of moronic tossers were brainwashed into banging saucepans in their front gardens every Thursday night last year.
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