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  1. Imagine the shame of being turned down by the attention seeking, ridiculously bosomed slag.
  2. Evening Panz. I see the Guards have fallen into line with the rest of the world’s police and started beating the shite out of anyone who dares to disagree with the governments anti democratic authoritarian laws. Don’t worry, the EU won’t allow it for long. LOL
  3. I was back in there earlier tonight Gypps. I nipped down to the shop for a couple of 2 litre bottles of White Lightning and he’d changed the locks when I got back. He thinks he owns the place. Where am I going to sleep tonight? I told my missus to fuck off and I wished I’d never met her. Do you think that was a mistake?
  4. Honey I shrunk the stupid fucking cunts.
  5. Too late for that. They’re just kicking in.
  6. “Schindlers list of stupid fucking Jewish cunts.”
  7. “Snow White and the seven stupid little fucking cunts.”
  8. The problem is that the Federal Gov. in Canberra are not doing their job either. They have the power to intervene and stop this maniac, but are so busy looking over their shoulder for right wingers that they have dropped the ball. NZ re-electing the fraud Jacinda, to me is very worrying too, as it seems that all leftie politicians are prepared to abandon any principles as long as the bogeyman conservatives can be stopped. The US fiasco is proof if any was needed. Trudeau and his mafia in Canada have just yesterday threatened to bring down their own government if the Conservatives insist on set
  9. No thanks. I’m ok for lucky heather and I don’t need my driveway tarmacced, and I’ve already got a dog.
  10. They’ll drink anything in Glasgow. Hopefully a huge batch of the cunts are now dead.
  11. I get you now. I was surprised how few chalets were available too, given the time of year. The thing is that when we got there it wasn’t busy at all. By that I mean not many people about, but most of the chalets were clearly occupied. I’m not complaining as we wanted a bit of peace and quiet anyway. I’m not one for small talk and “Hi. How are you” bollocks to cunts I don’t know. Or most cunts I do know.
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