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  1. Punkers is currently being rectally realigned at Her Majesty’s pleasure, Bill.
  2. Looks like the debate is over @Trucking Funtnow that the Corner’s resident intellectual cripple has rocked up.
  3. It’s hardly a police state now is it? You must have missed the footage from Moscow yesterday Trucko...now that’s a police state. Can you see the Extinction Rebellion/BLM cunts closing down Moscow like they did in London?
  4. Punkers is currently having his sphincter shredded in clink.
  5. Thanks for the history lesson. The fact remains that there are less cops doing active uniformed policing, on the streets today than in years gone by. They’ve been marginalised, demotivatated and neutered. Your figures above prove my point (Wirral-wise) anyway. 350 cops in Birkenhead alone? I very much doubt that there are 50 there now.
  6. Used Purplebricks to sell my last two properties, last year. Very efficient, good modern service and saved me around £3.5k over any other thieving, high-street congesting, scumfuck twatbagging verminous estate agent filth. They’re still in a ‘profession’ that needs terminating and wiping off the face of the planet, preferably violently.
  7. Blighty. But I spent 10 in Jamaica, Barbados, Bermuda and Trinny.
  8. That used to mean ‘soiled jamrag’ in the islands back in the day.
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