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  1. Dyslexic cnut


    Jesus H Christ. What a helmet.
  2. Dyslexic cnut


    Am I addressing you, cunt?
  3. Dyslexic cnut


    It’s been done and reported before and gone unpunished, Eric.
  4. Haven’t managed to utilise the ‘edit’ function yet you staggeringly dense bellsniff? When you eventually do, delete yourself. Stupid cunt.
  5. The battle of the Corner’s intelligentsia commences.
  6. As thick as a gurkha’s foreskin.
  7. The job’s ‘ramping up,’ like I’ve said before. If you spent less time on here then we wouldn’t be standing around the fucking baggage carousel for half an hour now would we? Get your finger out.
  8. Erm…Roland’s a close personal friend of mine. Knock it off.
  9. You’re taking this leaderboard thing far too seriously. Several weeks ago I was one of the ‘Decimus minions,’ Remember?
  10. He’s dead alright. He’s from Port Sunlight and followed Liverpool FC…says it all really.
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