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  1. I think she might be. Her avatar is scratch n sniff. Don’t do it after food though. It’s rank.
  2. They’ll be eating their kids again come March. Out of likes..iou.
  3. Are you a submarine upholsterer, Scotto?
  4. I shagged that filthy Irish minx once Doc. I caught all kinds of everything.
  5. Not sure to be honest. I’ve never actually managed to find one.
  6. A sleepless night ensued after this devastating retort?
  7. This makes my start in this place look stellar….thanks, and ‘erm…welcome! Cue The Wolfman and Ape.
  8. ‘Please wallop one up me your Kingliness’ would have covered it. I’ve never witnessed such blatant sexual stalking. If the shoe was on the other foot, Bill would have been locked up by now. You must have a clit like a Spacehopper ffs!
  9. Genius wit…and no mention of ‘Frank?’ I think you’re getting there little fella, I really do.
  10. I wouldn’t know what your lapdog’s response was, I’ve blocked the moron. He’s ProfB without the charm. Now, fuck off, spellchecker.
  11. You’ve stooped to spellchecking now I see. What a desperate wanker.
  12. Tore the head off it on the back of her nonchalent, winky-glancey, suggestive looks. A whole generation of Cnuts…splattered into my belly-button. What do you make of that, Darwin?
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