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  1. Hopefully, on the bullet-hole or helmet. Liberace-tiger-cunts.
  2. Only time its available & that’s what they’re charging. There’s an additional fee to sleep in the Royal bed & they’re flogging vials (or viles) of crispy, orange-order dna....are you on a percentage?
  3. The Lodge...ffs, they really did poison ur cider down there..
  4. You sure? £610 for that gaff you were in, beginning of December...😳
  5. There is a plus side to the recent proliferation of stool-stabbers and blokes-to-birds types though for us red blooded hetero chaps. Straight women are struggling like fuck to find a decent partner for horizontal refreshment. Considering there’s slightly more women than men anyway, and so many ‘men’ are turning towards faecal frollicks, then logically, there’s more sausage hungry snatch out there very frustrated indeed. My missus is as fit as a butcher’s dog...way above what an ugly cunt like me should be porking. All of my mates are the same. Money aside, we should be hooked up with much roug
  6. I’m not convinced with Bill’s ‘mask wanker’ stance as he has just fucked off for a holiday to Devon shortly after the govt. published data stating that it was the safest place in England right now Re: Chinky bat flu...
  7. It was the fat cunts who kept the hospitality sector alive, swilling oceans of ale & buying half-price lard burgers & pizzas. Plus, they keep nurses & quacks busy with their various blubber-induced ailments. God bless ‘em all I say.
  8. Spoff relish in her barnet and after wiping your dripping helmet on the curtains and are about to leave the room, glibly look over your shoulder and whisper...’run your fingers through that...Cunt!’ Too gallant? I am old-fashioned I’ve been told.
  9. Mother & daughter action though...and then the mallet?
  10. ‘Hate’ not ‘had’...though thinking about it.....
  11. Lady Lloyd...clearly taught her daughter how to use her coiffured clam to slide up as many greasy poles as she could. I had both of these cunts and would smile, and probably snap one off if I read that had both been Boko Haram’d while on safari somewhere posh. Posh-hooker cunts.
  12. True, but I’d make sure she didn’t enjoy it & then I’d test the durability of her lower bowel and her head and shoulders with several pumps of gentleman’s relish and a mallet. Nepotistic Cunt.
  13. Not to mention the 50 year old roid boys having heart attacks, or gym bunny slappers who’s tits & lips have exploded by their late 40’s & whose silicone piss flaps have dropped off & the NHS have to pick up the tab to re-minge the vain skanks...etc, etc.
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