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  1. Fuckin’ name-dropping wannabe....I’m telling’ @Eric Cuntman.
  2. She wouldn’t dare. He’d divorce her.
  3. Porto? Inter Milan? I agree he’s washed up now Doc, but what he did with these two clubs was remarkable. He took Chelsea to another level and that’s according to the likes of Lampard & Terry. (Not personal friends of mine however!)
  4. Don’t be ganging up with Eric, Bill. He was in a foul mood last night.
  5. Bawsy...you’re a top man in my book, however....what the actual fuck were you thinking here?
  6. I can’t remember the Italian guy who played the detective in it. He had a Trattoria near Tower Bridge, he boasted about being an Olympic sprinter but he was getting on a bit even then.
  7. Yes indeed. It was the lovely Julie who took Dad & I to tea and introduced Mum & Dad to her co-star...any ideas?
  8. Bloated skank cow. Leaves the limelight for ‘menckle elf’ issues now she’s back in the news. So obvious and predictable that there are members of yet to be discovered tribes, in the Amazon basin........
  9. I went to Barry’s funeral, Frank. He was a close personal friend of mine. He spoke very highly of you, but I’ll be honest, who couldn’t?
  10. Touch for these you deviant, wrong cunts. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-54284355
  11. Personally, I’d vandalise every AIDS laboratory and torch all known records of any treatment for the virus then dedicate my life to strengthening its toxicity. Standby...I’ve found a link for condoms that I’d pay every chutney-ferret £1000 to use.
  12. I see that this fat, siliconed, vacuous talent-free pile of shit has ‘broken her silence!’ Sad that it wasn’t her kneck after she slipped into her own fetid vulva....cuntess Cunt. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-56992706
  13. Jesus fucking Christ. What the fuck is this on here?
  14. It’s Gallic grandstanding, WD. The French govt. are in no position to tell EDF, a private company, to shut down the supply. The lawyers would have the cunts on croutons.
  15. Harold, this bloke’s a kike apparently. If it had come to pass that Hitler and the Nazis had successfully included your death and torture on their to-do-list, him and his Jewboy mates would have happily written off the Holocaust as acceptable collateral damage. Fuck off.
  16. £33 for a ‘standard’ room. @Earl of Punkape’s cell is more luxurious ffs!
  17. There was a freeloading, professional funeral-attender who supped in our boozer, Neil. Never worked a day in his miserable life, bummed money & ale and attended every fuckin wake in the county for the free booze and vollyvonts for a good twenty years. Cunt died of the bat-flu during lockdown so he never even had to buy so much as a manky egg sandwich because the regs. meant he couldn’t have a wake. I believe he did it deliberately.
  18. Her Mum & Dad were Jocks and them cunts will do anything to avoid paying for anything HC. They both died of the chinky bat-flu within 5 days of each other and, typically, never had to pay for the hospital parking. McCunts.
  19. On a personal note, why the fuck are you ‘following’ me & every other cunt on here? You disturbed, peculiar, demented oddball?
  20. I’d give that a like Decs, but I like Gypps and I’d be labelled an @Decimus’minion!’ What’s the fuckin world coming to these days?
  21. How? Via seance? You killed the poor cunt. Hopefully you got out of bed on the other side this morning.
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