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  1. Before you pull me up over an errant letter, learn to punctuate correctly…you’re clearly not part of the so-called ‘brain-drain’ that’s severely not crippling this country. Could you also get around to answering the question put to you? Cheers.
  2. Tell me…how did the Aussies deal with floating garbage en route to Van Diemen’s Land not so long ago? Why do ex-pats lecture the Old Country when we all know, when you Cunts get the terminal diagnosis, you’re on the first Quantas flight home for us to pick up the bill for your chemo? Fuck off LCS.
  3. Two goals conceded in the Euros, one a world class strike and the other a bit of a fluke rebounding favourably off the post? The defence isn’t the problem, the slack-jawed, unimaginative, dull-cunt manager and his tactics were. And darkies taking penalties.
  4. Red-hot, bent and dipped in acid and mint sauce.
  5. (b) for me. She’d have been mustard in them cotton fields though. Imagine if her great great grandad had refused to work because he wasn’t ‘mentally focused?’
  6. Not quite as ill as him & his cunt colleagues left Milly Dowler’s parents feeling…
  7. Dyslexic cnut

    Will Young

    Spot on Bawso…didn’t cut the mustard at Utd, went out to Bristol City Rotherham then onto legendary status at Man City. Incidentally, Walsh was injured in that match by a twat who’s brother was an Olympian and World record holder. He deliberately stamped on Walsh’s head and the ensuing brawl saw the match abandoned.
  8. Yes. I’ve mentioned him to Eric before. I watched the site from a distance for a long time before making the catastrophic decision to join. He used to make me choke laughing…one angry cunt…much like Brick Top frankly.
  9. Dyslexic cnut

    Will Young

    I know…as did Archie Ferguson his coach, who snuck off to Walter Smith’s Everton shortly after the daft cunt. Archie scored a screamer incidentally and the keeper, Gary Walsh got seriously injured and was never the same again, cue the purchase of Schmeichel! Do you know who Fergie signed from the Somerset side that day…?
  10. I assume that she was 100% correct on everything and he was ‘schooled’ or ‘terrored’ as the children of post 2009 say?
  11. I can’t imagine his lack of appeal ‘appeal’ had the youth of today streaming to get the jab. Did you hear the Cunt? A vacuous, insipid poorly written and dreadfully delivered two minutes of uncertain and unconvincing drivel. Winston Churchill he ain’t. A bang average player and a cunt who wouldn’t get close to being considered as manager of a top ten EPL club. I hope his bird fucks off with the kids & the Jamaican teenage window cleaner and empties the bank en route to Trenchtown.
  12. This language was dropped as credible and cool by 13year olds in 2009. Grow up and accept that there are some audacious forum members who don’t happen to agree with you on everything. Precious little gobshite.
  13. Oh I did! I think it’s time for me to fuck off permanently…all of those degrees that I’ve got and celebrity friends that I have now pale into insignificance after this honour. I’m with @Ape™️ on this…I’m not very good on this site and things can only get worsesist for me. Thanks and goodbye.
  14. You cunt. I shit myself there for a minute until I realised that mine weren’t with her. I’d better put this bread knife down now.
  15. See attached in the OC. Waris Ali…Lifeguard Cunt. ben sherman rubber ring.× Just don’t let Taliban Ape know you, erm…empathise with the sentiment.
  16. Utter bollocks. My python hibernated the day after she put the wedding ring on.
  17. Imagine the smell on the Bonny, Bonny banks of Loch Lomond right now.
  18. I’d respectfully, and deferentially ask you to stay close through the coming storm..I’m my own worst enemy at tiimes. Did you get the cheque? I worked overtime for your new Amstrad.
  19. Dyslexic cnut

    Will Young

    At the south end? You were nearly injured when my hat-trick volley burst the net. How I laughed when you ducked.
  20. Not your best work but you are back and that gives us all a lift. I assume you got the cheque?
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