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  1. You were possibly the only hetero parent in the room. No such luck at my kid’s parent’s evening, Mrs Aitken (Eng Lit) had a clout like a sky-diver’s mouth. It looked like a lumberjack had kick-fucked a hole in a rotting pig’s carcass. Daughter got a B+ though.
  2. Another word from the English language has been hijacked by these deviant cunts. It ‘transitioned’ in 2011, apparently. No it fucking didn’t. Call it what it was...’de-cocking.’ The only transitioning suitable for these weirdos should be via euthanasia. I’d be happy if the only way to converse with the de-cocked freaks is by seance.
  3. You spectacularly stupid cunt. She smells blood and it’s yours. Picking fights that your ill equipped to win appears to be a trait of yours. Spastic.
  4. Is it ‘Great again’ yet though Bill?
  5. I don’t even think Biden is a sheep in sheep’s clothing. He’s a puppet and some of the string-pullers are at best, clueless and at worst, quite sinister. We’ll see within 12 months.
  6. How the fuck is this new Vice President ‘black’ AND of ‘south Asian?’ AND ‘female?’ She’ll be in charge within 12 months because Sleepy Joe is clearly in the early stages of dementia.
  7. They certainly won’t Bill. I’m not touching my toes for any cunt.
  8. Cunted straight into ICU....ouch!
  9. Culinarily speaking Eric, what the actual fuck is going on here tonight?
  10. I detest mince. My ex thought it was the only meat in existence. I swear she cooked me chilli-con-carne-bolognese-shepherd’s pie once when I hinted as to my lack of fondness for mince. She was a malicious rip to be honest. Mince is for pigs and @Earl of Punkape.
  11. Dyslexic cnut


    Ooof! Strap in Withers....
  12. Ordinarily, a man of taste & culture who’s advice & opinion of a vast array of subjects is valued by all of us on here. But Dairy-shitbagging-Lea? Eric, get a test quickly please. With all due respect, etc.
  13. Noted. Dairy-twatting-Lea though?
  14. You’re on thin ice here Eric...Dairy-cunting -Lea? You don’t even get that in a one star all inclusive hovel on Cape Verde ffs!
  15. @Earl of Punkapeis fond of a mouthful of Stinking Bishop, probably.
  16. Dyslexic cnut


    Scattergun retard with the emphasis on ‘scat.’
  17. London & Zurich....it will happen and it will be market changing and very powerful. Watch this space, the wheels are in motion.
  18. Fleece the Cunt and fuck off then.
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