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  1. Ape™️


    Someone on here has been feeding him likes, giving him the false impression that he’s become funny and entertaining. However, it’s plain for all to see that he is in fact a stupid fucking idiot.
  2. He’ll be crying to an admin again before long, about people saying nasty things to him and posting off-topic comments. Hypocritical little spastic.
  3. Silly me, I didn’t see your clever trap! There’s no outsmarting you is there?
  4. So you admit to being a thick, vacuous, rattled wanker then. Glad we’re in agreement. I’m sure this confession will come as no great surprise to anyone on here, or indeed anyone that has the misfortune of knowing you in real life.
  5. This is the kind of post that highlights just what a thick, vacuous, rattled wanker you are.
  6. It’s a pretty simple question, with a very simple yes or no answer.
  7. Run and tell sir about the nasty boys that are being jolly baity, you whining little faggot.
  8. Has the early closing of pubs impacted your glory hole income?
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