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  1. No idea - I generally only post when I’ve been on the Weston’s Vintage.
  2. The title of this “nomination” describes my reaction to it perfectly.
  3. I think @Stubby Peckerwas pissed when he created this nom, as the title makes no fucking sense whatsoever. Don’t think it’s ever been edited.
  4. Snuff movies have always been referred to as snuff movies - never snuff films, or snuff flicks or snuff cinematic presentations, so fuck off, you pedantic wanker.
  5. Yes - a drunken snuff movie would be wonderful. Come on @Frank - fucking kill yourself for our amusement, you spindly weed.
  6. But you couldn’t break my fucking nose, Frank. So please, just fuck off. You’re a weedy little faggot that commands zero respect.
  7. Consider it done. What a dreadful, spack-in-the-box wanker he is.
  8. Yep - rape, incest, buggery. You name it. It’s all fair game to Catholic cunts such as you, except you don’t have a massive family, do you? Because that would involve putting your shit-soiled cock into one of those nasty women things, and we all know that isn’t going to happen. I’ll conclude by simply saying - fuck off.
  9. Mainly as a result of rape.
  10. I’m finding it hard to express just how little a fuck I give about your opinion, but it’s around 0.27 yocto fucks.
  11. Just the way they play it at your exclusive “club”. Fucking idiot.
  12. Please try and summarise your drivel into a single post, you verbose scum-cunt.
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