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  1. First LOL moment I’ve had for a long time on here Bill - fucking superb.
  2. Wow - four hours? A whole four hours? Are you sure you’re not exaggerating? That’s an awfully long time to be out. Stupid cunt.
  3. My weekend is fuck all to do with you. Suffice to say it’s been a lot better than yours, since I haven’t spent my entire Sunday talking utter bollocks with the troll-cunt Frank.
  4. More entertaining than the sum of everything Pen has ever posted, to the power of everything Frank has ever posted.
  5. Yeah, what a thick fucking cunt. Bet he wishes he was as clever as you.
  6. Winding someone up on an Internet forum gave him more pleasure than life itself. Says it all really.
  7. Spectacularly funny, as ever. Drunken idiot.
  8. I was actually about to commend you on a good nom, but since you’ve now derailed it with your pathetic, repetitive drivel I won’t. Fucking idiot.
  9. Thanks Bill. I’m not really sure what’s got the toad so animated - Frank is the likely reason.
  10. Silence, toad. Know your place.
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