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  1. I’m currently reading this book: It gives a fascinating insight into the narcissistic, humourless, fantasist wanker that is Trump. Interestingly, many of the mental conditions that Trump is believed to have go a long way to explain the humourless, repetitive, fantasist drivel that @JohnnySaucePantschurns out on a daily basis.
  2. Wow - that was close! I was literally about to click buy-it-now on this when I noticed your post. Having read it through, the penny dropped and I realised I’d nearly made a very stupid mistake. Thanks for being so vigilant and saving me from wasting my money. Imbecile.
  3. Every post you make on here moves you closer to this eventuality, although you’re way ahead of the curve in the homosexuality stakes. Fucking poof.
  4. Fair enough. I’m not in a vulnerable category but as people younger than me have died, apparently without any underlying health issues, I’m definitely having it.
  5. Is anyone on here going to refuse the vaccine when offered it?
  6. Much like the moron he’s chosen as his avatar, he’s devoid of humour.
  7. Are you honestly a fucking retard? Did you not see that my comment was a response to @Witheredscrote? Any further PM’s or posts on my profile will end badly.
  8. What's up with you pal?

  9. The thought of you still consuming oxygen is also depressing. CANCER!
  10. I wonder if there’s also a spaccination available for you?
  11. It certainly possesses the requisite stupidity to be that fucking moron.
  12. That statement in your profile “Completely different stratosphere intellectually to pretty much everyone” - you aren’t kidding are you? You’re certainly out there, with the fucking fairies.
  13. Do you have a dog shit obsession?
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