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  1. Got my covid booster booked for 5th November, and I’m off to get my flu jab tomorrow afternoon. So to conclude, fuck off.
  2. It’s you, talking as if you’re privy to some higher knowledge that puts you above “sheeple” like me, and enables you to chuckle away to yourself about masks and covid deaths, like some kind of god looking down on the human race from Olympus. So please, just shut the fuck up.
  3. About the level of pathetic wank we’ve come to expect from you. Admit it, Troll - you’ve fuck all to give on here.
  4. He makes it look so fucking easy, and as someone who dabbles with a guitar looper, I know it’s anything but.
  5. My wife is currently in bed with Covid. In all the time we’ve been together I’ve never seen her like this. In her early 40’s, fit and healthy - she’s barely been out of bed for 5 days. Coughing uncontrollably at times and totally devoid of energy. Double jabbed too. Anyone who thinks they’re immune to this is, quite frankly, a fucking idiot.
  6. His “nuggets of wisdom” are quite literally nuggets of shit, in any font.
  7. Cunts who wear ridiculously expensive faggot shoes.
  8. We’ve been here before - he won’t change.
  9. A bit of tactical sycophancy slipped in for good measure - bravo.
  10. Toad will do anything for praise from his master. Isn’t it wonderful?
  11. Toad answer for master! Toad answer for master! Good toad! Imbecile.
  12. Can you imagine the troll wearing these?
  13. Big, tough DC fears nothing. He’s got his “maestro” back and, at the time of him making his post, was doubtless pissed out of his idiotic little mind. Again.
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