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  1. I find it quite refreshing to see that Roops is, fundamentally, no better than the idiotic punters she likes to lord it over.
  2. What a vile piece of shit you are. I’d love to burn you alive.
  3. God I miss the days of Jazz and his utter lunacy. He was fucking spectacular.
  4. Oh yes - my virtual stabbing that you’re not going to treat. Reminds me of someone... “But if Ape turned up at A&E, having been stabbed and beaten by a load of cunts, I should say Oi! Ape! No! You’re well out of fucking order for being so mean to me, and suggesting I’m a mindless, drunken idiot, so you can bleed to fucking death, you absolute fucking slaaaag!”
  5. I’m staggered that a fucking idiot like you works/worked for the NHS.
  6. Do you see yourself as some kind of elite coach for cunts?
  7. I expect you were too busy reading Trump conspiracy theories and What Tinfoil magazine to pay attention to the virus and the number of people it was killing at its peak. It’s just lucky that the very vast majority of people in this country aren’t selfish cunts.
  8. Much as I admire anyone that can speak a second language, I find listening to a French person speaking English fucking excruciating. They link words with lengthy errrrrrr’s and generally speak with a lazy sounding drawl, literally mumbling their way through sentences. Combine that with a crappy WebEx audio stream as opposed to in-the-flesh meetings, due to the presence of a fake virus (just for you @King Billy), and the conversation is virtually unintelligible. To conclude - fuck off you French cunts. And fuck off Withers too, you faux-French wanker.
  9. A lovely little thing?
  10. Not officially, but he certainly has some mong-like attributes.
  11. The magician should use some of his magical powers to move his face up approximately 2.613 cm relative to his skull. Stupid five-head cunt.
  12. We may never know, as Fish seems reluctant to actually post anything, despite being so desperate to join he tried twice and created a (fucking shit) nom about how slowly his application was processed.
  13. Or, as a highly preferable alternative, just fuck off.
  14. So now you’re here, can we look forward to some top notch noms and comment, or are you merely a recently banned punter trying to be clever?
  15. Where did he bring it from?
  16. Why would he do what?
  17. He failed to hit a red whilst snookered, but he did it multiple times.
  18. Yes - he missed. Multiple times.
  19. Did you see the Wilson multiple-miss action yesterday?
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