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  1. homies - is that back door stuff? no, I am not an homosexual. I am ProfB xxx
  2. πŸ™Š I love King Billy XXX He's a hoot
  3. Is it a vibe thing? That makes you go lololol? (VIBRATOR?)
  4. ProfB


    She's doing the banana spilits
  5. ProfB


    Nice foot gear?
  6. ProfB


    Might have eaten a couple - her lips are sealed?
  7. ProfB


    Willies or bananas? She's skinned them anyway.
  8. Deci, you love ProfB & have missed me - fess up? A fine city- soo we live near each other?
  9. Smart arse. My hair goes frizzy in the rain & I bought a box of birdseye Haddock fish fingers today. i know how Jessy feels, mixed up? πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ
  10. I do a bit yes, I've run out of likes for 24 hours or something. Why no thumbs down option Spotto? Because Damascus has yet to post anything remotely interesting.
  11. Death is an optical illusion - Albert Einstein
  12. I'll smash your bollocks to smithereens with an hammer & turn them into juice, you evil bastard.
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