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  1. That woman who wore Chanel No 5 in bed.
  3. They should pay £1000 for testing negative. 🍻 Love ProfB xxx
  4. There you go, always check the forum for updates - better to be safe than sorry. Happy to be of help. Love ProfB xxx
  5. As a cunt detector I and my forum chums are always of the prowl for any cunting that might be taking place. Day or night, large or small - we will find you 🕵️‍ eBay cuntbred leemtren is selling a box of nothing - £150 he wants, meanwhile you can buy 15 boxes of nothing for £150 too - a pricing scam as well. 8 boxes for £150, 13 boxes for £150 - express delivery £14.99 Conditions is new. leemtren doesn’t accept returns. It's a scam everyone.
  6. ProfB


    Because he's a sharp fella. Why Did Dave Hedgehog Cross The Road? Because he wanted to see his flat MATE 🤭
  7. Placebo covid19 jab? I have stabbed my arm with a paperclip, while my eyes were shut telling my subconscious it was my first covid19 jab - my mind now doesn’t know if I had the real jab or the fake one, therefore I am now experiencing the placebo effect.
  8. I bet you wear an anorak - you sad case. I am glad to see the back of you. Love ProfB xxx
  9. Does Sputnik V vaccine contain space dust & vodka? Anyone know how to make it because I am in the number 8 group to be vaxed. The gods help those, that help themselves. So I am eager for some DIY until it's my turn to have the Oxford one. Love ProfB xxx PS in Scottish : Does sputnik v vaccine contain space stoor & voddie & Cunt is Fud? OMG 😱
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