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  1. You are a joke on wheels - last night you said your wife liked hard cock. You don't have: A, a wife, B a hard cock, C, a brain. Sort your knitting patterns out granny.
  2. People do like to get away with leaving a big sticky turd if they can. Alternatively, they lovingly toss it into a transparent bag. Best to scrap it up when it's frozen as I prev posted?
  3. ProfB

    Tom Daley advert

    Liar, liar your tits are on fire.
  4. You talk a load of shit, you never provide FOOD for thought - frosty bollox face.
  5. How dare you? Wayne is a very skilled footballer.
  6. Our Wayne has accepted their sincere apologies & slipped them a quid for the copyright of the sleeping beauty pics of himself. Big mistake, they would’ve got more on Ebay, they will be kicking themselves. I wonder what they blew the £1 on? Meanwhile, Col is topping up her tan in WALES 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 with her parents, stead of supporting her beloved hubby - that is cunting to the max, she should be there for him. Instead, she’s getting her bikini pics in Daily Fail. It’s all her fault. Everything is hurt fault. Cannot upload the pics or the corner will get sued.
  7. Did'nt you used to be Dyson - if so I want my money back, your air-wrap is a load of bollox - I was robbed.
  8. www.profB.com YIKES - I never even knew I had a website, you learn something new everyday, Please may I have what is in your barrow? Thank you.
  9. Your face changes every time I am on the forum. You always look familiar, though I struggle to put a name to your face - are you Elon Muck today? Anyway, spot on, I wear my facemask. Love profB XXX
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