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  1. Eric I’m at blue water with Ginger, the place is crawling with the oppressed black folk spending their ill gotten gains, a coloured security guard stopped me as I walked into an empty Mapplin and Webb and asked me if I had booked an appointment, uppity cunt. https://ibb.co/pbzRkLg
  2. It was a full blown melt down ras, but the easiest time I ever did, it was a pleasure taking a break from attention seeking weirdos , know what I mean?
  3. Stand directly in front of him and he wouldn’t see you.
  4. Careful frank, you will be swapping recipes with gypo at 2am before you know it, pleb.
  5. I don’t believe a word of it ape, when he sobers up and reality hits, he will be back to being the 67 year old mr burns looking 140 lb, pigeon chested old fart we all love.
  6. Spot, I have never seen you so aggressive, what have you been drinking?
  7. I met Eric at the weekend, what a guy he really is. https://streamable.com/9hxiir
  8. I am deeply touched by all your messages of support at this difficult time x
  9. The fat cunt has turned his back and I am sleeping in my car, it’s bloody freezing.
  10. Eddie

    Sheridan Smith

    Ape I simply quoted in the open forum the sexual preference of the ras, something he had pm me. I don’t like him one bit.
  11. Ex wife jokes, really? Well if you want my come back, it’s up your mums arse...
  12. Hi Ras, from Evening Eddie, nah never been married. I'll wait another 20 years or so when I need a woman to clean up etc and keep me company. Until then I'll happily go in and out of relationships. There are so many sexy women out there it would be shame not to try and get together with as many as possible. I leave getting married and becoming a miserable cunt untill much later. to self-deprecating in one thread, my work is done, LOL X
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