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  1. Those kipper lickers are usually on both knees in the changing room….
  2. Eddie


    Thank fuck the victim was white, imagine the headlines if it was the other way around, ps fuck off.
  3. Eddie


    You’re in good company then, end it.
  4. Eddie


    Bobby Moore, bobby moore running from the Den bobby Moore bobby Moore, he had sex with men queers as the come took it up the bum bobby Moore bobby moore is no more. eric, I think you would agree, a timeless classic
  5. Eddie


    Frank nobody cares about your fictional travels, eat shit.
  6. "I can still tend the rabbits, George?
  7. Eddie


    Eric, I genuinely couldn’t give a toss if England win or lose, there is a massive recession around the corner, the government has borrowed crazy numbers from the banks to pay for the furloughed staff and bounce bank loans etc. The smart bet is probably less than a third of this money will be paid back, this will make the last recession look like a walk in the park, in contrast the football players will revive a 420k winners fee if they do the impossible, fuck them all.
  8. Eddie


    Even the darkies?
  9. Eddie

    Richard Branson

    I hope you get a life ban you weird Fucking spastic.
  10. Eddie

    Richard Branson

    This ‘patriotic’ cunt using the football to publicise his virgin company. Fuck off you nhs suing red faced, non uk tax paying Fucking ginger bellend of a Jew wanker.
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