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  1. Wales is paradise compared with Scotland , poor Greta thunberg after only a week in Govan https://ibb.co/HYkWrMG
  2. It is true I met up with frank in a pub at Cannon Street, forget hand made shoes and £1000 jackets, he was wearing crocs and a Fred Perry shirt, collars up.
  3. It’s gone to shit during lockdown, I now work for fatty…
  4. Bubba ain’t no Quincy cock fingers but I believe he has the measure of you, pipe down.
  5. Eddie

    Brown Sugar

    Who did he steal it from?
  6. I’ve sent you a cheque, honest. If you haven’t received it in 10 days let me know and I will cancel it and send you another one.
  7. Excellent, they even sound the same.
  8. https://ibb.co/VSKJyDw classic.
  9. I will start it off https://ibb.co/gjv6tyZ
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