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  1. He is busy watching two tv’s in his Barbican shit hole, poor sod wanted an emperor burger, not a cheese burger...
  2. The Reddit lads are now banging on about Nokia shares, anyone fancy a bet?
  3. Reddit Wall Street bets, my kid made 20k in a couple of days buying game stop shares, a company hyped to the moon. You don’t have to be baws or Warren Buffett, just log onto Reddit see what the kids are hyping and jump in. I hate the youth of today...
  4. America spends at least 10 x the amount on weapons compared with Russia and China combined. The spending will rise even greater under Biden. Of course parts of America are shit holes, blacks can make any place a shit hole but that wasn’t the point.
  5. pm me and I will send you his address foc.
  6. The man lives in the Barbican, he is depressed enough, leave him alone.
  7. I bet old billy Clinton is well pleased with the Biden result, Jeff”s ‘suicide’ and looking forward to the sad news about maxwell in the near future....
  8. Obviously there was a incident in your childhood that has manifested itself in adulthood causing you to post mountains of shit as some sort of therapy, care to share?
  9. It’s ironic that a man with a mental health condition is assistant health secretary, the comparison is promoting childHarold as admin on the corner...
  10. Black Americans don’t realise how badly they’ve been fucked over already Biden is going to give 11m illegal immigrants citizenship immediately and allow millions more in The blacks don’t realise it’s them that are gonna suffer the most, I very much doubt many of them will prosper under Biden... how long before big business take Biden into another war for profit, Iran?
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