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  1. I think we both know I could take him down with 1 punch 🥊
  2. Marcus Rashford was born in 97, during Labours reign from 97-2010, if he went hungry as a child, and is was the governments fault, it certainly wasn't the conservatives at blame...
  3. You know what TC, even the Manakins are touched with the tar brush, wait until they start stealing after hours.
  4. What colour stockings do you wear Eric, and what quality coke do you have?
  5. Always remembered his lines...
  6. Wolfie think about it the camberwell wears y fronts....
  7. I think I would have been able to take him down Pen.
  8. I had a fight arranged with Snatch, I posted a video of me training, hitting the heavy bag, he shit himself and left the site.
  9. The frog kings built the Tower of London! Can you believe that...
  10. You live in Australia, you Silly old sod.
  11. Google happy Asian woman, happy black woman, then happy white women, fuck off
  12. Racist pig, I for one can’t wait for the hilarious sketches from Lenny Henry.
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